CivWiki Monday Newsletter
A weekly newsletter for Civ servers supported by the CivWiki

CivWiki Monday Newsletter for January 16, 2023

Good morning and happy MLK Day from New England! A little quieter of a week, is what I would have said until the end of week, when everything just happened out of nowhere. Before like Thursday, It was definitely a week spent working for everyone, whether building or PvP or XP stuff. I don’t want to say we have another war on our hands, but I do... Read more

CivWiki Monday Newsletter for January 9, 2023

Good morning and happy Monday from New England! I hope this new year has given you some semblance of joy, motivation, growth, or all three. So far, it’s looking to be a ridiculous year so far from the news in real life. There’s exciting roads ahead for the Civ genre as a whole this year, so you’ll see some of the info in this week’s edition. R... Read more

CivWiki Monday Newsletter for January 2, 2023

Good morning and happy new year from New England! If you’re new here, welcome! This newsletter is intended to provide a summary of the week’s news and happenings throughout the entire Civ community. It’s supported by the CivWiki, a player-run wiki that documents history and information related to Civ. Hopefully, this newsletter provides you wit... Read more

Reflections on Civ from 2022

This past week, I asked several figures one question: What did you learn from Civ in 2022, and what do you hope for in 2023? I essentially asked them to reflect on the past year and reminisce about the events that conspired throughout 2022. I also asked them what you hope for, whether changes or desires, for the next year of Civ going forward.... Read more

CivWiki Monday Newsletter for December 26, 2022

Good morning and happy Boxing Day from New England! I hope everyone’s had a merry Christmas! Sure, you may have had several inches of snow but that’s kind of the good part about having a White Christmas right? Unless that brought you a power outage. I’m just jealous that the rest of the US is probably going to get one that I didn’t. Thanks to ... Read more