CivWiki Monday Newsletter

A semi-weekly newsletter for Civ servers supported by the CivWiki


Hi, I'm specificlanguage. I write newsletters about Civ every Monday morning for your benefit.

I've had a long history on Civ from entering in Concordia in CivTemp, The Commonwealth) to Mount September on CivClassic and the CivWiki. I've also posted guides for getting started on Civ servers and making lists of newfriend nations, and have been creating content related to Civ for a while now.

Currently, I'm an admin on the CivWiki, but rarely play around the genre unfortunately. I had stints in Lusitania), Icenia), The Commonwealth and Mount Augusta), and Lambat) just to name a few, but mostly reside to edit the CivWiki and write these newsletters.

These newsletters were born out of a need to rotate the Featured Article and Current Events every week, and as an extension, those Featured Articles and some Current Events you see on the news will get featured on CivWiki's front page and on these newsletters every week.

This effort has been done before, from Akiyama64's run during Civcraft 2.0, to Square and Xavter's run and Cooliomoose & the CivThinkTank's run on CivClassic. I didn't intend to reach as far as some of them (although I guess that's how it happened now, since at the time of writing I'm approaching the upper 50s, where Akiyama's run stops), but with the readership this has now, this website acts as a place to nicely house all of these issues.

This website was made in cooperation with the CivWiki.

From July 2022 to June 2023, this website used jekyll and the "Lagrange" theme, made by Paul Le. Prior to January 2023, the project was done with Amazon Web Servers, it was deployed to an S3 bucket to a Cloudfront static site content delivery network. I also used a Route53 to add a hosted zone to be able for the domain to attach. Why all of this? It was the easiest way I could think of.


Please kill me for going into Computer Science, because this site is slightly overengineered for what it's worth.

Despite this over-engineering, if you'd like to financially support me, I have a Ko-fi page.