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CivWiki Newsletter for May 20, 2024

Good morning and happy anniversary (for real this time!) from New England! Even as Minecraft celebrates its 15th anniversary, this newsletter is celebrating its 2nd! Sure, it may have only been like 30 newsletters since the 52-week flurry last year, but I did take some weeks off as you know. I will be honest, the Minecraft anniversary came as a surprise, as I don't think people really remember when years for such a long running game like Min...

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CivWiki Newsletter for May 13, 2024

Good morning and happy "anniversary!" from New England! I hope everyone had a happy Mother's day and you at least said the word "hello" to your mom. I certainly did. Now, that being said, I hope everyone also enjoyed the 1.20 update for CivMC -- a lot of brand new features that hopefully will inject a little bit of life on Civ. Meanwhile, it's worth letting you know the first newsletter launched on May 16, but you know, it's like a Thursda...

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CivWiki Newsletter for May 6, 2024

Good morning and happy Monday from New England! As we enter May 2024, we're closing in on the 2nd anniversary of CivMC (and more importantly, the newsletter!) I once again cannot thank everyone enough for their continued readership of this very stupid thing. I was reflecting earlier this week in a Pavia chat about how things like this are, while nice things to have, "make the server more interesting/unique and fun." Even though when this go...

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CivWiki Newsletter for April 29, 2024

Good morning and happy Monday from New England! I know there's a lot of stuff going on in the news this week, so there's going to be a lot to cover. As we start heading into May and summer months, things are inevitably going to heat up, so get ready for some spice! But besides that, in a few weeks, you might see this top line become something extremely different, maybe something like "Silicon Valley" or "the Cascades". Yes, it's a big life ...

15 min read

CivWiki Newsletter for April 22, 2024

Good morning and happy Monday from New England! Things are heating up, for better or for worse, so that's pretty exciting for Civ! Maybe not for everyone, but I truly hope that things are turning for the better in terms of finding joy on Civ. It is a struggle and I really do understand that in a very serious sense. But even I've found some renewed interest in Civ recently, which I think it's really just dipping into something novel that I ha...

16 min read

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