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CivWiki Highlights for July 3, 2023

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This is a highlights post that is a shorter version of this week’s newsletter.

This week’s featured image is Regentsburgh, in the Imperial Federation. We’ve come quite a long way from the little viking boat on the shore that I highlighted way back last August. The nordic themed cliffs have come into full form with majestic cliffs giving way to humble settlements up at the top. A huge thanks to Aetherix for messing with shaders for this picture and letting me see it, as well as the many other Imperial renders that you’ll probably see throughout this edition.

Featured Article

This week’s featured article was written by Xcios and Slushhi.

Bloom is a group of players that originated from RebirthCraft, and first joined the Civ Genre on CivClassics. Settling in the -,-, their town building theme often pulled from Parisian influences and featured a government consisting of democratically elected Members of Parliament and a Prime Minister. During the Infinity War, Bloom was kicked from the UDF after Columbia caught them playing games with NATO. This resulted in Bloom moving to CivRealms, and in 2021, handing the ownership of the state over to Icenia.

Once on CivRealms, Bloom existed as an entity within the nation of Carbon. There was nothing as significant as the two previous cities due to the limited time and resources on the server, but was still able to build a trenched city with an accompanying vault. After the death of CivRealms, Bloom remained stagnant until the release of CivMC. In later months, Bloom consisted of the core members from its towny and CivClassics days. Bloom is a group that consists mainly of buildfriends and grinders, and their playstyles reflect that make-up, resulting in the government being less democratic and more assigned. Today, Bloom exists as a state of Icenia.

This week’s featured article picture is a render from Bloom, courtesy of Slushhi and the Bloom server.

The News

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