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CivWiki Highlights for December 24, 2023

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Happy Christmas Eve!

This is a highlights post only doing quick bulletpoints on the highlights of the news and happenings of the week. This is mostly because I currently do not have the will nor time to compile a full newsletter on everything that’s happened this week, especially since the normal schedule had the newsletter on Christmas Day.

A full newsletter will be available later, sometime on December 27 or 28 (depending on how stuffed the news cycle gets and my own efficiency). Nearly everything present will be in the newsletter next week, in some form or another.

This week’s final lovely Christmas tree is from Griffin, who’ve set up a nice little Christmas village. Located on the other side of the grand canals, the square is all filled with shops, snow and is just a short walk away from the Adria Church you see in the background. It’s a lovely place and it’s a lovely place for a little celebration. This year was another great round of Christmas decorations, folks, and you’ll see some more later on today!

Featured Article

The Christmas Agreement was a document signed by Lusitania and Mount September in December 2020. The countries had been relatively close since the founding of Mount September along with various out-of-game activities throughout 2020; the treaty was a way to formalize their diplomatic relations and foster economic growth between the two nations. Among other agreements in the treaty was a railway line to be dug to improve the slow travel times, with both countries outside of the HITS international rail.

The treaty was fostered under Septembrian Foreign Minister Thraldrek, and was signed by Mayor Squareblob of Mount September and King Metriximor of Lusitania. The alliance was one of the first outreaches of diplomacy during Mount September, and would later lead into the creation of the Augustan Federation (with Lusitania) shortly after. This was also one of the rare moments of Lusitania engaging in diplomacy, as they preferred to stay out of any conflicts. The treaty solidified the relationship between the two countries as they continued strong well into 2021.

This week’s featured image is a screenshot of Lusitania on CivClassic 2.0 at sunset.

The News

This is Vinland’s beautiful castle overlooking their bay.

I apologize if I did not address your news in this post; only the most important news was put here. Further elaboration on these points, and events that were omitted, will be present in the newsletter later this week.

Top 4 Fun Things of the Week

This picture is from Nalora, in the Imperial Federation.

Events Coming Soon

There’s not much else to say here, this is pretty much everything that I can say without spending more than 2 hours on this edition.

The schedule for the newsletter at the end of the year, barring any slowdowns or unforeseen circumstances is:

Finally, for one second please read this: everyone on Civ has tried extremely hard to not be involved in any battles, skirmishes or wars on Christmas Day, so I really hope that everyone takes the time to spend the today and tomorrow with family and friends.

And if you need this, you must know that no matter who you are, you are loved!

Please spend this normal newsletter Monday with family and friends, don’t spend time on Civ. I wish every reader a restful and merry Christmas, and a wonderful new year!