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CivWiki Highlights for June 6, 2023

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Good morning from California!

My vacation isn’t quite over yet, so this is a highlights over the past two weeks rather than an actual newsletter. I figured after the past couple of weeks, something should sum up the past week or so.

The highlights are intended to be a shorter format than the newsletter; this will solely focus on the single featured article that week, and the current events in an extremely short bullet point format. So:

If people like this in the future, I might run this alongside the regular newsletter, since I’m essentially copy-pasting this against the current events on the front page of the CivWiki.

This week’s featured image is Aeros’ enchanted city.

Featured Article

Empty Promises was a Civ magazine that highlighted articles, news, columns, interviews, cartoons, and other affairs related to Civ. Occasionally published by Dr_Oracle throughout the later years of Civcraft and in CivClassic, it was frequently marketed as “Civ’s longest running newspaper/magazine/bad joke”. Its main selling points were its high effort to design along with its commitment to investigative journalism, generally well received by the community. It often tackled challenging subjects, such as Nether Factories drama and recovery efforts during the late years of the Titan and HCF wars in Civcraft, and featuring or interviewing figures like sintralin and bgbba during the Somber War giving both perspectives of the war’s outbreak.

Empty Promises was unique as it was one of the only fully compiled, true-to-its-form, and sometimes open-sourced Civ magazines; many Civ newspapers today only focus on current events and rarely run interviews, op-eds, features, or showcases about items that had little to do with current events. Dr_Oracle has since gone inactive, although occasionally played in the Augustan Federation in its later days. (Full article…)

This week’s featured article picture is a page out of Empty Promises Issue 13, talking about Pacem.

Current Events

The Tower Bridge in Imperia, Imperial Federation.

Added June 1

Added June 6


This is just my area to do the plugs:

I’m also probably still going to just do Highlights on June 12, so no newsletter next week. I promise that June 19 will be an actual newsletter, and will possibly cover everything in the past three weeks.