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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for March 13, 2023

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Good morning (if it’s actually morning for you) and happy Monday from New England!

It was actually a quieter and joyful week for everybody and it’s definitely something that feels a lot better than before. I was so worried this last week that it felt oddly weird that I didn’t have to write so much tonight and that that this newsletter is like, less than half the length of the last one…

Ready for the news?

This week’s featured picture is Margaritaville on CivMC. Although it’s recently become part of Lambat, the tropical vacation resort has transformed rapidly into the Civ equivalent of Santa Monica Pier, from a brand new Ferris Wheel to a whipping roller coaster all on a little island in the sea. Still a great place for a nice getaway, now with both thrills and chills! Give a hand to MaybeGravy for his great work to make this a paradise for everyone!

Featured Article

This week’s featured article was NOT written by Yodabird.

The AF-CES Partnership was a supra-alliance organization between the alliances of the Augustan Federation and the Conference of Eastern States on CivClassic. The partnership was created due to amicable diplomatic relations, especially with countries like Lambat being part of both alliances, and continued military exercises and cultural exchange. In late August, both alliances agreed to formally cooperate with each other in diplomatic and military affairs.

Despite the partnership’s short-lived lifespan, the alliances heavily cooperated in international affairs. Both alliances were involved in several crises, such as the Mount September Ice Road Conflict, issues with Kallos with minemaster933’s pearl, and the Battle of Eddie Murphy. Due to the general dissatisfaction from the partnership, several nations, such as Lambat, Gabon and Lusitania leaving from the CES or AF. Although both parties hoped to continue the partnership, the end of CivClassic eventually saw the end of the cooperative. An international alliance cooperative like the partnership never emerged on CivMC, where many of the countries’ successors are playing. Full article…

This image however, is a crop of the August alliances chart made by Yodabird.

CivReign News

Gensokyo’s first “hut” on CivReign (Topaz will get mad at me for saying it’s a hut)

CivMC News

The Shiroyama Ice Rink minutes before the start of the Olympics opening ceremonies.

Sports Reporting

Of course, the talk of the server this week was the Naran Olympics. A big hand to Blatlas, Bron, Prawny, Swordmaster and everyone on the organizing team who did a great job putting all of this together.

Please insert Joe Buck commentating riveting chess gameplay here.

Screenshots and videos of events are being uploaded in the coming days.

Now the question is, are we going to have to wait another three months for another Olympics?

Actual News

Of course, there is actual drama but there’s little to speak of this week:

Everything Else

Although CivReign player counts have been staying pace with CivMC for the past few weeks, it dipped down to around 10 last weekend. CivReign players have wanted the admins to advertise, however admins have previously stated that they would not do so unless they had a product ready to show, which has also started a debate about newfriendliness. Others have started developing Civ servers as you’ve seen in this fixture, but it really takes time to develop servers for no money.

The Fun Stuff

Fempire’s “big lady doing Yoga” as self-described by Brudrustro, but it’s made out of copper, so I guess it’s closer to a Statue of Liberty? Maybe?


And the highlighted stuff:

Multimedia Projects


Non-Civ Content

Olympian Cry for Help

Seldomshock’s newest builds in Shockton next to the beach. Lusitania 2, anyone?

Thank you for reading week number 44 of the newsletter — I think there’s too many weeks and I accidentally removed one from the collections playlist on Reddit now…

Special unthanks to Yodabird who didn’t write his featured article on time after giving him a 2-week delay, but also thanks to Yodabird for making good content that I used for the featured article picture, so I guess it cancels out??

As we’re coming up to the 1-year mark of the newsletter, I’m thinking about starting a Civ images competition akin to Pavia’s. Keep an eye on that.

Back to the weekly grind it is then! Until next time…