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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for April 1, 2023

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Good morning and happy Saturday from New England!

Yeah, it’s not Monday, but who cares. There’s several people that pointed out last week that I need a stupid break from all weekend trauma, so from now on, I’m happy to announce that the newsletter will now be permanently on Saturdays! Just found enough free time in my schedule to be able to write this a few days in advance so that I can actually do things on time.

Ready for the news?

This week’s featured picture is Dirt’s pyramid on CivMC. Hakr has done a great job constructing this amazing tribute to Ancient Egypt and has garnered a lot of traffic, as you can see in this image. It’s probably one of, if not the most beautiful sight on the server on the whole server at the moment. He’s done a great amount of work just grabbing the necessary materials getting this, let alone build this entire pyramid without the thing falling victim to gravity, so I’ve gotta commend him for this. There’s definitely more in Dirt, but just want to say that this is extremely commendable and god bless him!

Featured Article

This week’s featured article was contributed by banyough and Metriximor.

The You’re a potatoe incident was an event on CivClassic 2.0 that turned everyone on the server to a potato. The outbreak started in Lambat with Metriximor and banyough rotating a seemingly perfectly fine “potatoe”. The situation became funny when Metrximor went into third-person, which resulted in a hilarious point of view.

Due the hilarity and subsequent popularity of the potato, it became so revered that an entire religion surrounding the potato came around it, with Metriximor and banyough becoming known as the “High Priest of the Potato”. CommradePotatoe was also involved as the holy vestige. A cult emerged as the religious people became “potato bombing” different cities for their holy crusade. Eventually, because the potato bombing became so deadly as they purposely only used poisonous potatoes for their crusades that the admins had to delete all potatoes from the server as a whole. (Full article…)

This week’s featured article image is the POV of you as the potato.

CivReign News

What a…flattering koi pond in Gensokyo…

We’re Finally Advertising!

Other Dire Consequences of Post-Launch Balancing

CivMC News

Instead of highlighting amazing pictures, why don’t we take a look at the average building on the server at the moment?

Wingzero’s Reign of Terror

Other Horrible News





Around the Civ

The Fun Stuff

A really flattering building on CivRev.


Multimedia Projects


Non-Civ Content

Sneeding Cry for Help

You are in the rabbithole now, you can’t escape.

Alright, if you haven’t noticed the date by now, then April Fools!

I was really reaching for stupid meme links this week so hopefully you found some of the jokes funny and I’m sure 90% of the links did not land at all.

I do want to thank Thraldrek for coming up with some semi-genius level ideas that actually kind of worked but probably didn’t. If you want one last joke, take a look at the first letter of all the top-level bullet points. Maybe it’ll be a secret message or something, I don’t know.

This finally completes the trilogy of me making April Fools memes every year of things semi-related to what my current project is:

This is probably the last time I’m going to make a parody anything major because humor is hard and it was really hard trying to think of jokes for every nation ever. Hope you had fun with my absolutely terrible humor. The real, completely serious newsletter will be back on Monday morning.

Anyway, as always…