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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for April 24, 2023

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Good morning and happy Monday from New England!

Yeah, it’s the same old week, with the exception that I’m graduating from school very soon. I’m scared to grow up, you know.

But it’s also another week of talking about Civ, yelling about Civ, figuring out whether Civ is stagnating as a genre (it is), trying to find ideas to improve Civ (impossible challenge), and more. Honestly everybody is talking about the same stuff over and over about it being boring, but there’s no new ideas besides “modded Minecraft” to really push it for that. Maybe it’s time to try? Well, that’s a story for another time.

Are we ready to start worrying about Civ?

This week’s featured picture is the Imperial Senate, a brand new towering build in the Imperial Federation in Imperia. Wow, I realize I’m saying Imperia a lot. Built by Juicy_Watermelon and Aetherix, it really does remind me of those old French or British museums, like for me it looks like a cross between the Musee d’Orsay, the V&A and Royal Albert Hall. That’s a mishmash, but all that is to say that they really nailed down this style perfectly. Can’t wait to see more from the capital!

Featured Article

This week’s featured article was contributed by RedDevel.

Civ101 is a comprehensive explanation of every server mechanic that a new player could possibly need to know. It starts with easy, step by step guides for basics like reinforcements, factory usage, diamond mining, and ExilePearl. The guide then leads players into explanations of the more advanced such as Acidblock, Bastions, Snitches, XP production and more. While other extra mechanic explanations like Brewery, Railswitch, Castlegates and Wordbank are still in the works, the basics required by any newfriend are there and ready to be used.

The guide hopes to serve as an up-to-date searchable compendium for experienced players when certain facts slip the mind. No more having to search through many different wiki pages and guides for your answer or resorting to the community for basic facts. It even contains a suggested list of Client-side mods that could be of use while playing the server. Feedback for the guide is encouraged as well! (Full article…)

A picture of a diamond vein currently in progress of being mined.

The News

The waterlilies outside Nara’s “Bannedsions on Shiroyama.” I don’t know about that name, that was on GDan’s posts…


Something that I should probably talk about is that I modified a little bit of last week’s newsletter to change some voicing issues on the news; in general I am trying to get perspectives from all sides but I forgot one last week, so sorry about that. There’s not much big drama this week though, so here we go:

All the Other Civ Servers

Gonna be honest, I did get tired writing a CivReign header when there were three bullet points, sooo…

Meanwhile, in the Vintage Story corner of the world,

Develhof in Mehri, from RedDevel.


We all know that all of this news happens on Discord anyway, so let’s see what hell the community raised this week:

The rest of the posts have been reiterating the same point we’ve been hearing since Devoted 3.0:

The Fun Stuff

Babe, it’s time for your monthly Pavia pic, this time from RedDevel (again) of the bustling market outside the town hall.


Multimedia Projects


Non-Civ Content

April Showers Cry for Help

Mount Augusta’s city hall, as seen by RedDevel.

Thanks to everyone for contributing stuff this week! It’s been pretty busy round these parts so I’m really thankful for everything that came in (so I can do my job less!!)

Thanks to xcios and fastestgrass for helping with the Gang Shi stuff, and also Yodabird, BritishWanderer, Creepi0n and Hoover for also doing some editing work this week too. If you’d like to contribute:

Additionally, I’m very excited to announce that we’ll have a screenshot competition for celebrating the newsletter’s anniversary! While I’m still cobbling together the details, there will be two categories:

Dig up your screenshots now, more details will be coming this week.

But anyways, thanks for reading! And as always…