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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for May 8, 2023

• specificlanguage

Good morning and happy Monday from New England!

I imagine that after last week’s newsletter which got pinned on top of the r/CivMC subreddit, people may not know what this is. If you’re new here, welcome! This is intended to be a semi-serious and informational writeup I do each week about the Civ community on Mondays.

The newsletters summarize things that not only happen on CivMC, but throughout the entire Civ community, and cover everything from current events to interesting builds, content creation, and memes throughout the community. Additionally, we include information about past events and history in the form of the Featured Article to encourage people to read and learn from history on CivWiki, which this is named after.

There is also a running joke since I compile these on Sunday nights, which has been known to be some of the most drama-prone nights on Civ (since everyone has an abundance of free time). But don’t worry guys, I’ve never stayed up past 2am writing a newsletter.

Ok, are we ready for the news?

This week’s featured image are ruins of a pyramid in Q’Barra in Nara. The Jungle colony has been described by Blatlas as “how to do an exclave and not have it be a glorified field,” and this image really shows how it’s done. It’s worth noting that the ruins were built like this by Earyx, which is doubly impressive since it already takes effort to build a nice looking pyramid like this. The territory, while also known to harvest jungle crops, has developed quite their own build techniques compared to the Japanese-styled mainland at Shiroyama. It’s great work from Earyx and their friends at Nara, and I can’t wait to see more of it soon!

Featured Article

This week’s featured article was written by Metriximor and specificlanguage.

The Battle of Lusitania was a military incursion and invasion of Lusitania during the War of the Coalition. After a series of obbybombings across the server hit Coventhia, Lusitania moved in to help out its friends; previously the country had known the obby bombers were based nearby. After increased Coventhian activity in the area, the obby bombers, known as Ransakistan threatened Lusitania with invasion if they were caught trying to stop them. Lusitania responded by coordinating with Coventhia and Yoahtl helping form what would be called the “Ok Bomber Coalition”, consisting of SATO, Entente and UDF fighters, along with others from Mir and a miriad of independent parties.

Throughout a week in early December 2020, Ransakistan forces sporadically obbybombed unbastioned settlements, while Coalition forces attempted to seek out the Ransakistan vault. A state of emergency was declared by the country on December 11, accepting that anyone who entered the territory would be subject to being pearled. Eventually, a Ransakistan vault was discovered in the border of the Holy Jaded Empire, dubbed the Swimming Pool, close to Lusitania, and was broken only a couple days after the state of emergency. Several players from the Coalition stayed behind in Lusitania to clean up grief.

The battle was the climax of the War of the Coalition and was the only military conflict that occurred within Lusitania’s history. Upon discovering that Ransakistan was supported by NATO countries, focus shifted towards ending the Infinity War.

This week’s featured article image are PvPers having a friendly meeting in the Théspian Hall in Portucale.

The News

A look down Pavia City’s main street, from ArtificialDriver.


Other Servers


The Fun Stuff

A nice quaint market in Amboise by EVDan. It took a while for it to get featured, but the market’s a great gathering place for people to hang around.


Cool Content


Non-Civ Content

Anticipation Cry for Help

The Not-So-Yellow Submarine in Mercutio. Huh, I’m highlighting Mercutio for the second week in the newsletter as the last image.

We’ve got ONE MORE WEEK, guys! One more week until the 52nd and one year anniversary of the newsletter!

Thanks to BritishWanderer, Gjum, and nasion for helping with the newsletter this week, saved me quite a couple of headaches with some other things that I have going on this week.

I don’t have a lot of time for this section but please write a featured article if you’d like, it helps me write less! Especially helpful next week considering it’s the 52nd newsletter so if you submit one you might get to be the coveted featured article slot for that special newsletter (it’s not that special).

Ok bye guys time to take an exam! But first…