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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for May 15, 2023

• specificlanguage

Good morning and happy Monday from New England!

So, guys, we did it, we made it to one year. The 52nd newsletter and still going. The fact that we reached this number in just a short amount of time is just phenomenal, I-I’m just amazed.

Ok, in all seriousness, thank you for everything for the past year. This has probably been the one constant in my life with everything going on, and I want to thank all of you for reading these thousands of words that I write every week.

I believe I initially started this as somewhat of a joke, I was raised on Akiyama’s Monday Mornings back on CivTemp, and was always like, huh what if I tried doing it myself? Surely, it won’t crash and burn like the other two times people attempted it on CivClassic.

When CivWiki started having “Featured Articles” and “Current Events”, I knew that was my chance. I was kind of expecting to burn out by September, maybe October when the server launched considering I was writing stuff MUCH longer than he was. But it kept going on for so long and became just a part of my schedule, in addition to everyone supporting and reading it, that I just kept doing it.

I’m really excited and incredibly glad to have gotten to this landmark. I want to give a huge thanks (he may not even know it himself) to TheJmqn, who made the “Featured Article” and “Current Events” on CivWiki on May 15th all by himself. Of course he didn’t write a newsletter, but without him, this would never have existed.

Right, enough sappy stuff. Are we ready to start reading?

This week I decided to do something a bit different for our anniversary newsletter, and highlighting four places instead of just one. Granted, it did make the image less ideal, however I think it’s appropriate to highlight each of these nations based on their merits.

All of these were picked because I haven’t highlighted all four in a while, but it’s a great representation of how I sometimes see Civ nations building up — from a small humble village (Lusitania, I promise you’re not just that), to building symbolism and lore for their country, to becoming a growing country with newfriends and spectacular builds around the landscape, to eventually becoming a world superpower with industry.

Thanks to everyone for their pictures and that was a much longer writeup than I should have done for something like this.

Featured Article

This week’s featured article was written by Metriximor. It was first generated by Bing AI, rewritten by hand and then improved/grammar mistakes fixed by Deepl. Speclang’s note: how am I not surprised.

The CivWiki Monday Newsletter is a periodic newsletter published by the CivWiki community (with the main editor being specificlanguage). It aims to provide the community with a summary of the latest happenings on the CivMC server and its associated communities. The newsletter includes reports on the progress of individual nations, updates on server-wide events and competitions, and announcements of new features, plugins, civ servers, among a myriad of other things.

The CivWiki Monday Newsletter is an important source of information for players who are interested in keeping up with the latest developments on the server. It provides players with a comprehensive overview of what is happening on the server, and can help them to identify what is happening in the often times chaotic world of Civ. Players who are interested in staying up-to-date on the latest developments on the server may also choose to use alternative methods such as the CivWiki, civ based subreddits or any of the many Discord servers related to Civ.

This week’s featured picture (while somewhat unrelated) is a gif representing all the countries on CivClassic along with a call to Edit CivWiki!

The News

I mean considering how much crap you guys raised this week, y’all really wanted to get your stuff into the 52nd newsletter huh? Really making me work this week.

Borderlines, Part 1

A little change of pace on the pictures, something a little far — Adria from the hills, by Seekinq.

I recently covered last Monday about the peace settlement that Volterra brokered for the Cinian Union. You remember last weekend that things got out of control, but this seemed to be the minor conflict out of two border disputes last week.

Borderlines, Part 2

An overview of the sprawling metropolis that is Shiroyama in Nara, taken by prawny331. You can also see Dalgon in the background too.

Two sections in, time to exchange some words…

On Tuesday, Nara announced they would be declaiming a part of their southern claims near the world border.

Ok, so now that you understand what happened, you may be confused on why this happened. The long story short:

And so the Naran declaim post you see today is a result of that. Honestly, even though the above was accurate, this still doesn’t explain many of the angry comments you might have seen in this thread. Someone who didn’t get enough credit is GenericWarloq, who spent agonizing hours basically becoming the messenger between the parties, and did not deserve much of the blame.

So what comes next?

I suspect however, that we haven’t seen the last of this drama. If Meracydia becomes inactive, we’ve essentially set ourselves up for another round of more screaming, kicking and yelling from everyone.


1 - Truidencia essentially represented Gensokyo at the talks during the Alenarith Forum; few direct interactions between Gensokyo and Nara were had, but were addressed here as “Gensokyo” as one group, but was essentially “Gensokyo/Truidencia” in negotiations.

A Short Swim

Icenia lighting up the sky as The City That Sometimes Sleeps, taken by MrJeremyFisher. A little blast from the past, you might say.

Three sections in, three more to go…

Constitutional Crisis

Sparkling Regentsburgh Harbor on a clear, cool night, from King_Cupar back in January. I would have done Imperia’s work in progress, but it’s a little too work in progress to show off right now.

Four sections in, it’s 8:30pm…

Now I was initially confused that the war in Vermont was part of this conflict, but it’s not. You’ll see that pop up later. But the real thing to take a look at is:

Everything Else

Pacem’s towering streetside lighting up the night sky, from shtim.

Five sections in, we’re almost there…

Declaiming Land

First, let’s talk about the OTHER stuff that was declaimed on the continent that wasn’t Nara and Gensokyo:

”Somewhat Underwhelming News”

Admin Noise

Other Servers & the Metagame

The Emerald Isle on Return of the Civ.

Six sections in, it’s 11:30pm, we’re almost done…

What Did We Learn This Week?

What did we learn this week on Civ?

I think I can’t really trust diplomacy anymore. The one thread through most of the stories was a lack of diplomacy and communication so it was very sad to see it crumble apart. Maybe I’ve lost all hope on Civ…

The Fun Stuff

A quiet isle sunrise at Pavia Harbor — you might recognize this island when approaching the city from the sea as the lighthouse island.


Each of these could have nearly made the newsletter, but I wanted to highglight stuff we’ve seen over the past year. So all of these are virtually new and you should open the links to see the great stuff!

Cool Content


Honest to god, I’d think that a lot of the situations this week would eventually result in tons of funny memes on the subreddit, but I guess that didn’t happen, did it? Maybe nobody had a really stupid title they could parody and meme, so I think that’s why.

Non-Civ Content

At this point, you may realize that I have only logged into Civ once this week, and have mostly occupied my time with friends, baseball, streaming television, and what have you. Not playing Civ is pretty fun, you know that?

Special Thanks

Westminster Union Station in Shopside in Commonwealth on CivClassic, one of my most well-known builds on Civ. I built it in 2017, during the eve of the Somber War, and had been the cornerstone for rail travel across the southwest.

We’re coming down to the end of this one now and I have a little more writeup that I wanted to do, so bear with me.

Civ has been kind of this weird part of my life where it’s been so oddly consistent and I’m really appreciative of not only the support for this newsletter, but for all the reception of the content that I’ve made over the past eight years.

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been playing since my freshman year of high school and honestly am incredibly shocked that my stupid drawings, content and more have been so well received. I even quit before freshman year, remember that? And to put the cherry on top, I’m graduating from college this weekend. (Actually even better, I just looked back at that post and I did return for my senior year, Chris)

I’m extremely grateful that I’ve been able to practice my writing and journalism skills in a place that people might not appreciate it. It’s even crazier that I’m writing extremely regular in decent fashion, I was a pretty shitty writer in high school and I certainly didn’t write for my college newspaper, barely even a semi-annual journal that cared about international relations. This newsletter kind of allowed me to understand my own writing process and realize how the hell it’s done, and I think you can kind of see that throughout the newsletters over the weeks. Civ has weirdly been the biggest boon to my humanities minor, so oddly I owe that back to Civ.

Additionally, I want to give a huge thanks to the newsletter staff. I started bringing on people back in August of 2022 to help with featured articles and fact corrections, at a time when accuracy was slightly lacking in that regard. These people have been These people include:

Finally, there are a few people who have written for the newsletter but not actually been on the staff, mostly writing Featured Articles or contributing a huge amount to news cycles. Thanks to…

Additionally, something cool that I’ve done is made an archives page on the wiki, so now you can rummage through all these words, words, words to find the exact source of the thing you want. There’s even summaries of the top stories for each page!

Anniversary Cry for Help

Fox and Dino lounging about by the beach in Lusitania. Oh, who’s that in the background?

Well, it’s about that time then.

I can’t wait for every living creature under the sun to post one of two things in the comment section:

So I can’t wait for my inbox to fill up with both of these today, considering what was in the newsletter this week.

If you’d like to help me out in the coming weeks, there’s definitely a few things you can do to do so:

Thanks for reading newsletter number 52. I honestly don’t know how much longer I can stay up at 12am. Until next time…