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CivWiki Newsletter for June 17, 2024

• specificlanguage

Good morning and happy Monday from the Pacific Northwest!

Hope everyone’s had a great week, I certainly had a great week in California, but now I’m going to be in the PNW for the foreseeable future. Newsletters might slow down a little bit due to my schedule, as well as having to settle my own personal life, but I’m sure I’ll find a way.

Speaking of which, I’m glad this was a nice and quiet week for everyone — I don’t think I could handle another marathon like last week. Are we ready for something cool?

This week’s featured image is a little slice of nature. Previously, this park in Shiroyama was completely barren except the main “cherry tree” you saw here. Today, this is an entire grove of cherry blossoms around the lake, and I took this beautiful picture a couple days ago while on a quick trip around Alenarith. Really great stuff and Nara did a great job taking advantage of the new mechanics, can’t wait for more!

Featured Article

This week’s featured article was written by Quanton_Biscuit.

The Grasslands Gambit, also known as the DGP-Gang Shi War was a major war on CivMC that occurred in December 2023. The war was notable for its significant impact on CivMC geopolitics, the short and decisive nature of the war, and a double insiding resulting in two major pearl holding vaults falling after just days of combat. The war began when the Dawn Guard Pact, an alliance formed between Icenia and Yoahtl, launched a devastating first strike against the nation of Gang Shi and its allies.

The DGP justified the first strike on Black Mesa, Gang Shi’s primary vault, in a post titled “Pearled Harbor”, citing numerous leaks from Gang Shi’s discord that described a plan to isolate, encircle, and eventually destroy Icenia and possibly Yoahtl along with other leaks describing further, server-wide ambitions. The War exemplified several interesting tactical sequences like trapping and then baiting an iceroad and repelling a skybridge. Additionally, the war set a new status quo for effective uses of public relations and subreddit posts on Civ.

This week’s featured article image is a view of the Gang Shi’s skybridge (and counter-skybridge) on Altepetl’s capital.

This Week In Civ

On the week of June 17 - 24…


  • The First Olympics were held in Yoahtl’s Olympic Village.
  • The Jewish Quarter was established on Mount Augusta on CivClassic.


  • The Clown Wars begin between Icenia and New Sovia.


  • The Nexus Interchange Gateway was renamed to KANI, a major rail standard on the server.


  • ComradeNick was elected as mayor of Mount Augusta after a hard-fought campaign, with his opponent being appointed as a cupboard member.
  • The Communion of Ku was overthrown by Estalia after a continued conflict throughout the start of the server.
  • Technical issues and lagspikes continue to plague CivMC, with the player cap going down unannounced to 125.
  • Dirt has launched a building competition, where builders can only make builds out of dirt-based blocks.


  • The Butternut-SEC War was in progress, a major defeat for the SEC alliance.
  • The Commonwealth held a poker tournament this past weekend with automated poker machines.
  • Pavian Emperor BritishWanderer has raised support for his new Empire, with a new guides system and a flourishing treasury and economy.
  • An initial panic from Miraheze prompted CivWiki to consider migration, this was not the case!

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The News

Icenia’s renovation of the aptly named “Shit Island” with new flowers, and trees and such. I think it needs a new name now though. (cr: Quanton_Biscuit, Enforcer, Anvil)

Long News

Short News

Metagame Highlights

Buy Pearl Protection Insurance!Pearl Protection Insurance offers coverage plans to help you out in the event that you get pearled and sent to the nether.Get up to 350 diamonds in coverage and have the peace of mind knowing someone has your back if you get pearled.Interested? Fill out an application, and we’ll get in touch!

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The Fun Stuff

San Rafael Castle, in the Imperial Federation (cr: HuntWolf, Potato_Duke)


This is then therefore a call to build more this summer!!!

Cool Content


Non-Civ Content

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Poll of the Week

A look down the forest in Danzilona, along with a bridge and a couple buildings in the distance (cr: peakman2)

Last week, we had 47 responses, a little less than usual.


The first question was about what pronouns do people use or identify as.

I did this as a “celebration” of sorts for Pride Month, but as a side effect, it does show a very obvious correlation for those who play Civ, which many have known for a while and that it’s a very male dominated game. That being said, the diversity of those who do not identify with masculine pronouns are quite diverse, with feminine and gender-neutral having some good representation!

1.20 Feedback

The open response question was about feedback from the 1.20 update. Unfortunately, this question wasn’t a plant by RedDevel, nor did I accuse him of planting this question (although, he is officially unofficially on the newsletter staff).

Although I won’t show all positive responses, I will say that a majority of the responses had positive feedback to give, which is great to see!

bring back my […] fossils

This continues to be an issue with compatibility between versions. Probably some NBT issues that went rogue with the update. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

reconfiguring a new instance is torture. worth it for the new build blocks tho

It has been fine but no snitchmod is tough and I accidentally let a bunch cull because it wasn’t on my mind.

Haven’t updated yet due to mods.

I actually got a lot of responses which talked about the pain of upgrading their versions, especially when they haven’t upgraded their mods using this guide. Civ mods especially are slow to update so it’s quite a cumbersome process. Can’t wait for the 1.21 upgrade!

I like it that netherite upgrade templates were added but i would like to see a use for pitcher pods. I would also want armor trims to be added.

I wish it was easier to get camels


Yeah, there’s a few comments that are just looking for better upgrades for the current versions. I agree, though. Vanilla features are quite sparing in the current Civ environment.

Vote Now!

We’ve got a repeat question that I did a year ago, because now I’m curious…

Please note that all information submitted is anonymous. A red star (
) means that this question is required to submit.
What timezone do you play in? (rel. to GMT)
Select all that are applicable.
As part of the starter guide, we usually ask for inspiration on why players play Civ. On a positive note, why do you like playing Civ?


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Cascadia City Cry for Help

A bunch of baby turtles off the coast of Winterbourne (cr: Empop).

Thanks for reading this week’s newsletter. I’m totally not procrastinating once again by writing this on Sunday night.

Thanks a bunch to Jalhf, Huskydog, SoundTech, stratmatt, Jalhf, DSBulldogs, BritishWanderer, Gjum, and Xcios for their help on this week’s edition, along with Quanton_Biscuit for writing this week’s featured article, and Jaydon and DockerImage for helping with the starter guide bounty! We’ll try to release the full thing with edits soon.

If you want to help contribute to the newsletter, I really appreciate your help! Message me @specificlanguage to see how you can get involved.

I’ll see you all next week. Until then…