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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for June 19, 2023

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Good morning and happy Juneteenth from New England!

We’re so back on the weekly grind.

I’m sure there’s people who have no idea what this is after a month being AWOL, and it’s a weekly newsletter (which although it was not weekly last week, is going to be weekly once again) that just wraps up all the events that have happened on Civ, along with historical context and highlights that save yourself from the misery of the normal news cycle, which you’re probably going to see this week.

For returning people, the newsletter may look a little different. It’s a brand new website that’s built from the ground up by me. For more information about how I built it over break, take a look at the about page.

You can kind of tell I’ve been stockpiling news, polls, and ideas since a month ago. I missed so much over the break that this week it’s going to be quite a read. We have to cover so much, so let’s not waste any more time.

Are we ready for the news?

This week’s featured image is of Griffin’s capital, Adria courtesy of Seekinq. Its companion picture only compounds the fact that this looks a whole lot like Venice, with the bright blues and the graceful tower akin to St. Mark’s Square. This isn’t even showing the other side that has a cathedral tower, aqueduct, farm and so much more. Another great set of screenshots from them, and looking forward to more incredible builds too!

Featured Article

Brewery is a plugin present on Civ servers, best known for enabling players to make creative drinks for others. Originally, Brewery was added as a comestic plugin on CivClassic it became a staple on Civ servers, with GreatLordOz and RektTangle both contributing to the brews list. Due to its popularity, it later returned on CivMC. Unlike potions, brews are almost always utilized as cosmetic and not used for PvP purposes. They are usually sold either in dedicated breweries and or given out during serverwide events such as the Olympics.

Brews can be made by making special recipes by fermenting specific items in a cauldron; these recipes are usually secret, forcing brewers to experiment with different items. However, brew recipes given out by the configuration maker or admins by either clues or by specific nations. After fermenting their concoctions, brewers usually age their brews to make their recipes more potent. Brews, like in real life, also cause effects to their players in game, from nausea to ‘vomiting’ and ‘passing out’. Brews have become a staple of server culture in the game, and while sometimes overlooked, have reinforced the cultural economy on the server, with nations like Lusitania being best known for their brews.

This week’s featured image is the Thousand Years Horseman in the Commonwealth, a staple casino and pub known for its brews.

We’ve got our first featured writing in a while, this week from D_Loaded in DonFuer. He talks about his perspective of the server as a building faction outsider who came from 2b2t and other servers.

[T]here really needs to be a better tutorial for [Civ], without Kallos and then later Nuts to guide, we would have been totally lost for weeks. If it takes me, a very experienced player, with hundreds of DonFuer members to call on in an emergency, 3 months to really get set up on this server, imagine how hard it would be for a less experienced person to get started. The reality is they probably wouldn’t. I suspect this server’s retention rate for new players is downright awful. The administration, or maybe just the players themselves need to make a bigger effort to explain some of these mechanics for newcomers.

Read his full op-ed here.

The News

Another War, Another Indiscernable Name

Several Icenians ready for combat during the Butternut conflict.

I’m sure you guys were waiting for this one.

I know I’ll gloss over quite a few details, but that’s what you get when you’re away for a month and trying to condense two weeks of a war down to words. This is especially the case since information during a war is hard to come by. I happily encourage corrections and will do so as soon as humanly possible.

Why did Butternut claim they were starting the war (although, it’s been a while since the real “start” of the war):

But even though nobody’s saying anything about it, I highly suspect it’s just a war of revenge against Icenia:

Butternut on the Offensive

How does this war start? I would begin at the dawn of man but we can start talking about stuff from maybe three weeks ago.

Throughout the next couple of days, Icenia and the SEC as well as Estalia and the EP attempted to pearl the duo.

But before going forward we need to talk about Butternut, as it came with a bit of resurgence in their playerbase.

Once again, this surely had nothing to do with the war or what’s going to happen at all.

A Quick Run to the Store

Sirboss001 in the skybridge towards Butternut’s Vault.

It took them about a week, until June 11, before Icenia’s main vault, dubbed the Whole Foods, was attacked. An attack bunker (dubbed Trader Joe’s because, it’s a food war) was created first and eventually a skybridge quickly approached the vault.

So if you’ve been reading up to now, the SEC is down a vault.

So the next logical step for Icenia was to go and skybridge their vault.

The situation is still evolving, and Butternut is continuing their offensive on the country for the foreseeable future. When asked about the war, Elithys said:

We’ve endured the Generic War where we were viewed with suspicion from both sides, and at the end of that war one of our members, bewsiej, happened to have the Icenia grief groups…

…Since then we’ve lived relatively peacefully although tensions with our neighbor, Icenia, have always been there in the background, over various things - petty territorial disputes, ownership of a nether portal, grievances over what Butternut builds in their own land, jabs toward Butternut in public channels, etc. If we were a smaller nation you’d almost think that Icenia was trying to intentionally bully us for their own entertainment, knowing that we couldn’t retaliate. And as it just so happens, over the months, we’ve heard the calls for help from Temporal Isles, Gang Shi and other small nations, who have been labeled “shitters” as an excuse for a huge nation like Icenia (and even larger alliance - SEC) to bully and even completely destroy them.

Well no more, we say. Butternut has joined forces with the survivors of Icenian oppression, both belonging to a group completely wiped by SEC and also individuals, to put an end to the Icenian terror. And to be completely clear, we have no intention of destroying their community or wiping their Civ nation as they have done to those they’ve targeted. We recognize that the vast majority of Icenians are innocent citizens, trying to survive the daily abuse by the Icenian government. As such all we ask for is the leaders of Icenia to surrender, face a trial and serve their time, and for the citizens of Icenia to stop misguidedly trying to protect their corrupt regime and to lay down their arms against the Liberation Forces. Many Icenians have already rebelled in support of us (and faced harsh punishment and even abuse from the Icenian leadership) and we are heavily moved by their bravery and courage.

Please note that all war information was provided by Icenia, as Elithys has stated that “I cannot currently comment on the specifics of operations, I’m sure you understand.” I do.

War Propaganda

So we’ve pretty much covered about everything that’s happened in-game, let’s engage in a little drug called subreddit PvP…

And bgbba is right. I hate myself for spending four headings on this and spending a whole Saturday trying to understand this mess. Like who the fuck names this war Butt Sex? I need another, much longer vacation…


CivMC News

Hold on to your seats, guys, there’s a lot of extra news that happened in the span of a month that isn’t the war…

Please note that some events are ommitted due to this covering four weeks of information, and minor news from that timeframe may not make it here.

Lyrean & Northwest

Sunrise of Pavia from Beford Commons.


A render of Mount Augusta, one of the telltale signs to see whether a Civ server will have a good longevity.

As we continue our trek across the server, did you not think we’d see news from the quadrant that’s most known for taking things out of proportion?

Rest of the West

Aetherix’s hotel in Imperia, ready for wandering tourists in the Imperial Federation.

We’re heading clockwise around to the warzone guys, don’t worry.

Server Updates

A slew of updates came running through CivMC throughout late May and early June.

One-Time-Teleport has been present on other servers, but because it was added midway through the server’s run, everyone on CivMC was granted a single one-time-teleport. There were also additional bugs from dimension teleportation, especially considering it was the implementation from CivReign.

As was already stated, this was used to controversial effect during the war, as users would regularly use this to easily teleport people in and out of fights during the war.

Other Servers

The Joja Winery on, fittingly, Joja Isle.

Metagame Highlights

Please keep reading until the end of the newsletter, there’s a quick poll and CivWiki-specific updates towards the end!

The Fun Stuff

It was the highlight last week, but here’s The Enchanted City of Aeros, by ItzHoover.


The Cool Collection


Port Turing in Akawija, the new Acadia. Taken by Bloof.

Who Wants to Meme About the War?

Non-Civ Content

Paramore “posing” for the music video of This is Why.

Reminder that this didn’t have to exist except for the full reason of “I just want to tell you guys what I did this week besides writing about Civ”

Alright, that’s enough about me, what the fuck is everyone else doing around the Civ community that isn’t Civ?

Poll of the Week

Cluj, in Transylvania.

Last Week’s Poll

Now, we’ve got another poll this week, but I do want to call your attention from the results that we got last week.

The first question was asking whether CivClassic, CivMC’s predecessor, ended at the right time. For oldfriends, many know this was abrupt as TealNerd seemingly announced the server was shutting down as the server kept chugging, even as new nations kept coming.

Interestingly, a good amount of people thought that CivClassic ended at the right time. There were a good amount of people that thought they wanted new space for new ideas, anyway.

We’ve been running a lot of featured articles about battles lately, and I’m getting tired of them. I’ve noticed this list and the last two featured articles have been more culture based. I’ll try to follow this in the future; I always try to keep the featured article a little more lighthearted than the rest of the newsletter.

So obviously, we’re doing more polls.

If you’d like to fill out this week’s quickpoll, look no further!

The Actual Poll

We got 19 responses from May 22nd’s polls, which is pretty pitiful. I didn’t advertise it too much though and it was hard to find… But I highly encourage you to participate, it’s good for feedback and the newsletter!

Post-mortem on Tuesday the 20th: The poll below may not work. If it doesn’t work, please take a look at the following google sheet link. I’m so sorry for the trouble of clicking another link.


Please note that all information submitted is anonymous. A red star (
) means that this question is required to submit.
How do you browse r/CivMC or other Reddit platforms?
Select all that are applicable.
Did you like the highlights on June 6? Do you want me to continue it as a companion for the newsletter going forward?

Uncertain Futures

Meracydia’s rail station, as photographed by AK.


Last week I never made an announcement for it but I wrote a whole article about the Reddit blackout, and then immediately regretted it.

I’m hoping to decrease my involvement on Reddit and Civ in general, since a lot of my social media consumption has been taken up by friends on Discord. I won’t stop posting these newsletters on Reddit because pinning increases the readership of this newsletter — it’s actually 2/3 of the viewership.

However, I’m mostly going to stop responding to comments pretty soon, and just post newsletters only on my account. I can’t quit entirely yet but…


Early this week, we had a scare that CivWiki was in threat of shutting down. On Thursday, Miraheze, our host, announced they are going to shut down operations at the end of August.

I’m happy to report that CivWiki will not be shutting down. A few high-ranking Miraheze volunteers will be taking over the Miraheze non-profit within the coming months, ensuring the future of CivWiki in the near future. If you’d like to read more about the situation, please take a look at this message.

We were very concerned at the time and were attempting to hatch alternative schemes (such as alternative wiki farms, or self-hosting on the cloud) to prevent future disruption, but thankfully this did not happen.

Regardless, at the time of writing, I am doing another full wiki dump for archival purposes, as I usually do. I would normally do this quarterly, but there were a few things that prevented me from doing so last quarter.

Postponed Cry for Help

A promotional image for the upcoming 2023 Summer Olympic Games with the Imperial Federation and Venne.

PHEW wipes sweat that was a lot of work.

It’s 9:30pm on Monday night, and I believe I’ve finished writing this massive newsletter and covered everything I wanted to.

I know very few people are probably going to read this segment, but if you made it this far, thank you reading four weeks worth of crazy news, highlights, sob stories, triumphs and everything else in between. This is really what Civ is about, content about players, by players, for players, and I want to thank all of you for reading this far in.

I want to give a big thanks to Gjum, Xcios, ShadySauce, ComradeNick, hitobashuru, Elithys, AKJanklin, Metriximor, RektTangle, SwordMaster, Cortwade, reffelruz, and D_Loaded for helping me out with stuff this week. Please read D_Loaded’s op-ed on Civ as an Outsider if you haven’t already.

Lastly and not leastly, here are the plugs:

I promise next week’s newsletter won’t be nearly this long.

Until next time…