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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for June 20, 2022

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Good morning again from New England. Another week for me going around the server and complaining about everything, as everyone knows about. I was able to take a first look at Yoahtl and Gensokyo, and stop by a few more places, so let me know if you want to come over and see how you’re doing.

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Current Events

This week’s featured picture is the Lusitania Waterfront on the Medi Sea, built by Lusitans Metrix, banyough and others and taken by Captain_Klutz.

Mount Augusta Drama Returns

After a big judge election the week before, Mount Augusta immediately began an election to elect its permanent governor this past week. The provisional government was led by RedDevel, but the constitution mandated a new mayor be elected immediately after the judges were elected.

Estalia In Hot Water

The nation of Ku is located just southwest of Estalian territory, arguably on the same continent as the nation. However, they’ve run into some unfortunate situations, especially as shown during this past week.^+

All the Other News this Week

Things That Look Cool

I’m going to be honest, there were so many good renders and pictures this week, that it was extremely difficult to choose a featured picture to put on the Wiki. I’m honestly going to start stockpiling at this point, holy crap builds are progressing amazingly fast.

Things That Are Cool

Things That Made Me Laugh

Featured Article

This week’s article was written by u/prawny331. This week’s picture is the Skybridge on the Hell Vault during the First Hell War..

The First Hell War was a large conflict in CivRealms 2.0 focused around the siege of the vault of the same name. This started following a stealth break of the vault of Varathia, by a group of citizens from the former nation of Savaguard led by a Carbon turncoat known as the Hell Gang. A healthy majority of the server rushed to Varathia’s aid, fighting through a gruesome siege over several days, including an extended 12 hour truce over Father’s Day. This war marked a notable turning point on the server, and laid the groundwork for the Second Hell War and the Great War, the latter of which led to the server’s eventual death. This also marked the first crack in the previously strong alliance between Cantina and Blackwater, after Blackwater betrayed the coalition and accepted the Hell Gang into their ranks. Estimates put the number of unique accounts on the coalition side at over 115, against some 10-15 defenders. (Full article…)

Another Post, Another Call for Help

Phew, I beat cooliomoose! Another one down, 47 more to go…

If you want to help me achieve my goal of making this for a full year (or longer?) please help by submitting featured articles to the form! Although, it’s not just featured articles:

You can submit nearly anything (relatively) related to Civ and I’ll probably read it! Just submit below, do it while waiting in queue, touching grass, boating, heading on rails, whatever. It helps you get your voice heard and also help me write less!

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