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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for July 3, 2023

• specificlanguage

Good morning and happy day before Independence Day from New England!

Well friends, we’ve made to the end of the fourth major war on this server and I’m not sure if we’ve learned anything of usefulness on this one. Anyway, I hope I’ve covered this relatively cleanly without too much yelling, but I’ll probably be yelled at in a Discord or Reddit comment in due time.

Keep in mind that I’m not going to pay attention to the Reddit comments as much, as I won’t be using my phone for Reddit to check for the most part. If anything, I’ll probably be browsing r/baseball.

This week’s newsletter also sees the return of the Highlights format; for a much shorter experience of the newsletter (to skip all of this stupid war coverage). If that’s something you’d be interested in, click here.

Enough blabbering from me, who wants to hear some news??

This week’s featured image is Regentsburgh, in the Imperial Federation. We’ve come quite a long way from the little viking boat on the shore that I highlighted way back last August. The nordic themed cliffs have come into full form with majestic cliffs giving way to humble settlements up at the top. A huge thanks to Aetherix for messing with shaders for this picture and letting me see it, as well as the many other Imperial renders that you’ll probably see throughout this edition.

Featured Article

This week’s featured article was written by Xcios and Slushhi. I will admit, the idea was mine, and I’ll take full credit if this is too biased.

Bloom is a group of players that originated from RebirthCraft, and first joined the Civ Genre on CivClassics. Settling in the -,-, their town building theme often pulled from Parisian influences and featured a government consisting of democratically elected Members of Parliament and a Prime Minister. During the Infinity War, Bloom was kicked from the UDF after Columbia caught them playing games with NATO. This resulted in Bloom moving to CivRealms, and in 2021, handing the ownership of the state over to Icenia.

Once on CivRealms, Bloom existed as an entity within the nation of Carbon. There was nothing as significant as the two previous cities due to the limited time and resources on the server, but was still able to build a trenched city with an accompanying vault. After the death of CivRealms, Bloom remained stagnant until the release of CivMC. In later months, Bloom consisted of the core members from its towny and CivClassics days. Bloom is a group that consists mainly of buildfriends and grinders, and their playstyles reflect that make-up, resulting in the government being less democratic and more assigned. Today, Bloom exists as a state of Icenia.

This week’s featured article picture is a render from Bloom, courtesy of Slushhi.

The News

Don’t Put Your Pearls in One Vault

The interior of Icenia’s inner city train station, built during the past year by Gjum and Xcios.

I’d put a Butternut image here but I can’t really get too many…

The Domino Effect

Griffin’s new settlement, Sealeo.

Now that the war is over (with, in this writer’s opinion, a less resounding finale than the last few wars), the postwar settlement negotiations begin:

With the SEC essentially dismantled, we’re going to see a large change in the geopolitical structure on the server within the next month or two. The SEC had been a large political mainstay on the server, and the power structure is going to quickly shuffle around.

At least for me, I don’t have to cover this war anymore.

Happenings Around CivMC

Hey it’s one of those cool persective shifts from jaybird showcasing MtA’s new town hall (over my old plot…)

Metagame Highlights

The campus of Tricon Industries in the Commonwealth.

The Fun Stuff

A look down Main Street in Pavia City, from timoru69.


Multimedia Projects


Non-Civ Content

Poll of the Week

We had a much better response than the last few previous weeks, with 105 responses. This is why I’ve been working for weeks to get the survey working, so that we have a large amount of users to get things done. Thanks for responding to the poll!

These graphs were made extremely quickly; I’m working to get a better representation soon. You’ll have to deal with poorly made graphs for the time being!

Last Week’s Results

Should there be changes to pearling mechanics to protect nether infrastructure from pearled players?

I wouldn’t take away too much from this question, it was poorly worded, especially since I wasn’t entirely aware of the situation in light of the question. This probably is a good question to talk about some other time, with a better phrased question later on.

If CivMC were to update to 1.20, what would you like to see changed about Civ?

This one I think is a little more surprising; I think everyone is just excited about the new possibilities for an update. Personally, I think the underhypedness of the new armor trims added in 1.20 and could bring some new potential in the PvP space. An XP recipe update could also drastically shake up the economy. My editors have said that a possible map expansion “doesn’t have enough people just yet imo [sic] to justify making even bigger distances between them”. This could also pose a problem with cave expansion, which adds the new skulker and skulk detector, which essentially act as snitches.

Feel free to talk about these questions in the comments on Reddit! (I won’t read them though).

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What time zone do you normally play in? (If your primary time zone isn't listed, pick something close. And feel free to message me!
If you noticed, I used screenshots of discord messages rather than linking to the messages themselves for this edition. Do you prefer screenshots for links, or would a link to the discord message be more preferable?

Independent Cry for Help

The Imperial Federation’s first Parliament meeting for its July parliament in late June.

Thanks for reading this week’s newsletter!

I’m very aware that there’s still a lot of back-archives that this newsletter is missing; in my free time this week I’m planning to reupload most of them, but it just takes some time to convert most of them since it’s a little bit of an arduous task to convert all the old editions. (there’s 50+!)

Regardless, thanks for reading the newsletter for all the craziness that happened.

Now, is it a mistake that a good amount of my newsletter staff is currently pearled? I think so. In the future, I’m looking for more newsletter staff to widen the scope of the news and perspectives that get covered (and also look for someone who would be willing to take this weekly thing over, I can’t be doing this forever). Please let me know — @specificlanguage — if you’re even thinking about helping on a regular basis.

Anyway, until next time…