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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for July 10, 2023

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Good morning and happy Monday from New England!

Even as heat, smoke, and storms are doing some crazy stuff to the weather, it’s always nice to return inside to the possibly-existent air conditioning and play virtual block game on funny screen.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot of coding with me this week that I don’t quite want to discuss quite yet because I’m still working on it, although you’ll see some of the fruits of that in the newsletter. For example, try scrolling down! If you’re on Desktop, you’ll see there’s a new progress bar just below the headings for this week. Isn’t that neat?

That’s enough tech blabbering from me, are we ready for the news?

This week’s featured image is the town center in Port o’Mehri in (well, take a guess…) Mehri. As a quaint little village nestled in the countryside between Pavia and Lambat, it’s a nice little break away from all of the cities we’ve been seeing the past few days. Many of these buildings have been relatively untouched since the start of the world, and I’m hoping it stays that way. The city as a whole looks very much like this and it all gives off this nature vibe that goes throughout the entire country. Can’t wait to visit again!

Featured Article

This week’s featured article was written by prawny331.

The Great War was a war in late 2020 on the server CivRealms 2.0 between the coalition (Carbon, Northern Defensive Pact and Rhodesia) and the USA, which was a coalition of former enemies (notably Blackwater, Olympia, Chungus and later Savaguard). The War started following the obbybombing of the trade city CivCorp, and the following fallout developed into an all-out war between the bombers and their allies and much of the rest of the server. The conflict also spilled over into the New World, with several bombers seeking to form a new state in the isolated shard, starting the Barbary War. The war saw several major vaults fall, starting with the incomplete Varathian and Bloom vaults, the Napistan vault Daybreak (in which Carbon’s leader, Convoy, was pearled) and eventually the Yggdrasil vault Asgard after a prolonged two week siege.

The fall of Asgard was devastating to the allies, losing many pearls and most of the pearls they’d obtained in the defence in the failed retreat to the megavault Heaven. The war directly led to the collapse in activity on the server, due to a large number of combatants being pearled as the war developed into a stalemate with only bots remaining active. During the war, admins also made controversial decisions, including banning Citadel bombing for a short period, creating a “King of the Ashes” rule, adding a small chance to instantly kill a player following the fall of Asgard, and banning of most of the USA. Following the war, the server’s activity never recovered, with most players returning to Civclassic or joining CivUniverse. (Full article…)

This week’s featured article image is the bombing of CivCorp.

The News

Meracydia’s new builds that have been (or are going to be) recently sold! Courtesy of Xenovolution.

A much quieter week this time around, but there’s still some funny stuff to talk about to say the least.

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The Fun Stuff

Gotland, in the Imperial Federation. Also taken by Aetherix.


If you don’t see your building here, it’s probably because it’s not on live yet.

Multimedia Projects


Non-Civ Content

Poll of the Week

We saw a cumulative 93 votes this week. I knew that doing the polls inline was a much better idea than before.

I always find it very interesting to see the spread of players throughout the server and how everyone comes from different backgrounds. Of course, we know the entire server is dominated by the East Coasters and Western Europeans, but there’s always that Australian and Eastern Europe population out there that seems to be always ever present. Although we’re only seeing a marginal amount of people from South America and Asia, I always find it odd that there are very few people from Civ who play on the West Coast. Maybe they’re all just out partying.

I think it’s safe to say that I will never be linking to a discord message again in my entire life.

We’ll give the poll a break this week. Not because I couldn’t think of a question or anything, but because I think we’re all polled out. But totally not because I couldn’t think of a question to ask everyone…

Haggling Cry for Help

The beach besides Transylvania. YES, Butter_Villager, this is my apology post.

Thanks for reading this week’s newsletter! A huge thanks to prawny331 for contributing to this week’s featured article, it’s very appreciated!

Additional thanks to Gjum, RedDevel, and Red_Steel for reading over the newsletter for issues this week.