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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for August 7, 2023

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Good morning and happy August from New England!

It’s nice that I had a lot of badgering this week from everyone (and I really do mean badgering in a nice way) as there were a lot of small little things this week I could easily mess up or get wrong. Still, definitely could be worse for wear.

Thanks for all the corrections this past week. I wasn’t able to publish corrections last week within the day due to mental health problems but it should be fixed soon^TM.

Are we ready for the news?

This week’s features image is a lovely sunset overlooking the Imperial Japanese areas of Shiroyama. Taken by twooearly, it’s probably one of the best renders of Nara we’ve seen in quite a while (let alone CivMC). The rest of the images in his album all highlight the area, and show off their distinctive style that they’ve mastered within the past year. This is only one section of the city and I can’t wait to see more next time I come!

Featured Article

The United Provinces of the Plus-Plus, commonly abbreviated U3P, was a military and economic alliance during Civcraft 2.0. Consisting of Blackcrown, New Danzilona, Little Latvia, Loveshack, and Holy Tree, among others, the countries formed the alliance due to continued raids and desire for further cooperation in the quadrant. Additionally, they were able to give protectorate status to other nations who were not in the quadrant. Compared to other alliances at the time, the U3P had a relatively concrete structure, with an elected senate and secretary general, and reasonable joining policies. Additionally, they were able to provide bastions, XP access, snitches, nether portal access and other various late-game services to their alliances.

The U3P was one of the major Alliances in Civcraft 2.0, and made agreements with the NEA and Prussia, among others. Despite this, the alliance had not been involved in most of the major wars, although international agreements would be broken upon the breakout of the Riverford War. In later iterations, the U3P became the main group for founding the Volantian Federation in Civcraft 3.0, and Provincia in CivClassic.

This week’s featured article image is, unsurprisingly, the flag of the U3P.

The News

A courtyard inside Imperia, the capital.

Imperial Federation Craziness

I haven’t paid much attention to the country the past few weeks because I never really reached out too much into IF affairs, but there were quite a few things going behind the scenes that became concerning:

May I indulge anyone in this post theme?

Please note that this was heavily summarized from a general chat, and five separate DMs, for simplicity. And it still looks like bad writing after editing it a hundred times.

Just something I thought was funny, if we’re talking about the constitution so much, the constitution says that Imperia, the capital cannot secede (§7.2, §10.1.A), and it seceded, so therefore it makes Asgard’s creation/secession unconstitutional. Although, most of the secessions were generally unconstitutional anyway as it did not go through the parliament procedure (§7.2). I guess, it doesn’t really matter since this constitution was supposedly worthless anyway.

Suffice it to say, I’m not entirely sure the Olympics are gonna happen this month.

Happenings Around Civ

The Pampang District in L-City, alongside is various shops with a peek at the banyough statue in the back.

Ok, so this is the normal news section that you were expecting, I’m pretty sure.

Metagame Highlights

The Fun Stuff

The City of England in SPQR, taken by butter_villager.

Striking Screenshots

So everyone decided to post their builds this week.

Cool Content

Manic Memes

Irrelevant Non-Civ Blabber

I just want to say for reasons completely unrelated to the newsletter this week, I was mentally boomed for reasons out of my control. Struggles with mental health are no joke, and it really took a toll on me last week. If you need time away from Civ, just walk away from Civ! Write a journal, make some art, write a fanfic, watch/play baseball, watch/play Barbie, watch/play Oppenheimer, watch/play Pikmin, do something just to take your mind off it, because god knows that this game can tank on your mental. Who knows, you might even just escape.

Pernicious Poll of the Week

I’m glad that people like the poll as it gives you some interactivity instead of just reading news every week. Don’t worry, no personal data nor association is collected at all. Speaking of which I need to release source code for this for you to trust me…

We had 72 unique responses to the poll last week.

The first question was Do you like reading Non-Civ Content?

It’s pretty mixed about whether people even like reading this section but it’s still pretty good, maybe it’s just random escapism for some people. I think people just don’t like baseball, which is a crying shame.

Our second question was Could a UN work in today’s Civ?

I choose to think that this is actually the correct take by most people — CivUN is actually possible despite everyone who berates it, however, there needs to be incredibly major modifications for anything to work.

Time to Vote!

This week’s poll has a common thread: advertising!

Please note that all information submitted is anonymous. A red star (
) means that this question is required to submit.
Where do you think Civ advertisements are/were most effective? (pick 2-3 for best impact)
Select all that are applicable.
What kind of Civ advertisement would you (or more preferably, others) click on the most?

I purposely try to limit choices, without an “Other” field so I can make graphs quicker, but if you’ve got more opinions on advertising, feel free to comment on the reddit posts!

Walkers Cry for Help

A “Walkers” statue constructed by Xcios, ShadySauce, and AnimeReviewer.

Thanks for reading this week’s newsletter! Thanks to Jalhf, King_Cupar, dcruzy, Mat_potato_king, and ComradeSankara for providing information for this week, and RedDevel, Gjum and BritishWanderer for general support.

If you’d like to help make the newsletter the “best” it can be…

If you’d like to actually help me to make the newsletter though…

I believe that’s about it, and I can’t wait to argue with all of you in the comments! Until next Monday…