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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for August 28, 2023

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Good morning and happy Monday from New England!

I hope you have your spinny hats on for another exciting round of news from everyone’s third favorite genre of Minecraft server!

I think I found this week to be a little more enjoyable and fun compared to the rest of the past few weeks because all the news was a little more wacky and crazy. As someone who’s barely still in the Civ bubble, I still find goofy things fun.

Are we ready for the news?

This week’s featured image is of SPQR. I opted not to use the main square this time, because I did it before. But this time, I used the backstreets with the Colisseum in the background. A much more subtle photo but, alberb and the Romans are showing off classical roman architecture beautifully. Great job guys!

Featured Article

Civball is a popular art style in Civ, with heavy inspiration from Polandball, that depicts Civ nations in various activities. The art style features deliberately poorly drawn spheroid characters that represent Civ nations, alliances, and more entities that are related to Civ, in various contexts depending on the comic, and are usually filled with numerous injokes relating to the country drawn.

The origin of Civball is generally unknown although most trace its origin back to the Civcraft years. It saw a resurgence throughout CivClassic, with numerous Civballs highlighting major events such as the Somber War (pictured), the formation of the UDF, and calls to edit CivWiki (which remains the logo of the site) and the Unified Mapping Project. Although the typical adaption of Civballs are for webcomics or drawings, there are semi-regular Civball Maps of the World throughout Civ, including those in 2014, 2019 and 2021. Today, Civballs are regular mainstays of Civ Art, with a Map of the World for CivMC in production.

This week’s featured article image is a depiction of the Fall of Lexington at the end of the Somber War, drawn by Metriximor.

The News

Aetherix’s rendering of Adria, Griffin. From afar, it could look like a painting!

Metagame Highlights

Apartments within Wayrest in the Nether, from iOminous.

The Fun Stuff

Magic_Maya’s Brewery in Venozia.

I believe this is one of the few times this section is actually longer than the news. And That’s A Good Thing (unironically).


Cool Content

If this doesn’t convince you to contribute to the civball map of the world, nothing will!


Nara’s (or Bronnakus’) cat, Finn, celebrating her second birthday.

Non-Civ Content

I want to apologize for basically making this section my weekly blog…

Poll of the Week

We got 82 responses this past week. That’s more like it.

The only question last week was about the (previous) fall of 2b2t, although positioned as whether Civ is an anarchy server: Would recruiting players from other anarchy servers be good for Civ? Put more simply, is Civ an anarchy server?

I’m kind of surprised that this resulted in a nearly perfect bell curve for the responses. On the one hand, this is an anarchy server but it’s not the same as 2b2t as hacking, duplication, and crazy things aren’t allowed. That being said, the history and griefing behind anarchy servers like 2b2t almost make it positioned to be perfect for Civ. I think regardless of what genre you’re coming from, you need to make a lot of convincing for the server to make it work for some people.

Insert Poll Here

This week, the poll is looking at two different yet very similar contentious aspects of Civ:

Please note that all information submitted is anonymous. A red star (
) means that this question is required to submit.
Should alts be allowed on Civ?
Select all that are applicable.
Should bots be allowed on Civ?
Select all that are applicable.

Many of the above suggestions are very commonly asked alternatives. Feel free to mark any statements you agree with.

Yet Another Cry for Help

Metriximor and Banyough posing in front of their map arts in Lusitania. And Tutelle.

Thanks for reading random bullshit that happened this week! Although, a special unthanks to Metriximor for not responding to my featured article request and forcing me to write it myself.

As always, I’m always looking for contributions from the community to make it the weirdest and most representative newsletter this can be with respect to the Civ community, so in doing so…

Unfortunately I don’t think I have the immediate effort to do a fundraiser for the Maui wildfires, but if you still want to donate for a cause I care about…

I’m personally going to be donating ~$50 to the Maui Strong foundation this upcoming week to give back to this amazing place in the middle of Paradise. It will take time for Lahaina to get back to the place it once was, but anything helps.

Thanks, and I’ll see you next week! Until next time…