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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for September 4, 2023

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Good morning and happy Labor Day from New England!

I hope everyone’s had a good time with summer, because it’s pretty much over now. I spent the most of it yesterday with friends so that’s why I didn’t quite publish it on time this week. Imagine spending time with friends and touching grass, you know?

Alright then, enough about my life, who’s ready for some news?

This week’s featured image is Icenia City. It’s only taken one short month after the last war for the country to completely rebound in activity, and even though this screenshot probably looks the same as when I last highlighted them, you’ll see there are a few new buildings in this render by Drekamor. They’ve been doing a lot of work within the country and their revival, once again, has been nothing short of astonishing. Looking forward to seeing another image of Icenia that isn’t this view!

Featured Article

Mount September was a democratic nation on CivClassic, founded as a spiritual successor to Mount Augusta. Created following the latter’s move to CivRealms, the country aimed to preserve the culture of Augusta as a new country. Founded to the east of the original city, the country quickly grew with a new voter tree and mall, and within a year had a thriving political system with a Mayor, Judges, and Cupboard (akin to a Cabinet). The country also participated in the Augustan Federation, a loose alliance of all the nations within Mount Augusta’s sphere of influence in order for better cooperation in the region, as well as maintaining relationships to close allies in Gabon and Lusitania.

Their political system lent itself numerous conflicts; continued spits with South Augusta leader TheOrangeWizard were common. The Mount September Ice Road Conflict sprouted from issues with the UDF, who set off alarms near its bunker. However, the country had a weirder, laidback sense of culture. Although events like the Lunar Near Year occurred in the country, the “septem” currency, the first PacStatue, and pictures of founder Squareblob’s profile image were common areas of foolery. CivMC’s iteration of Mount Augusta was set to be a Septembrian successor, however, its main figureheads were not reelected after its early days. (Full article…)

A render of Mount September from its northern waterfront, by Jasonbord.

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A sweeping view of the Duchy of Lugano, from Aetherix.

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AprilMinty’s new house in Meracydia.


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Poll of the Week

We got 59 responses this previous week. I’m trying to find wide appeal polls, but sometimes it can be hard, like this week.

For those unaware, in previous iterations, alts were pretty much one of the mainstays on Civ. CivMC was going to have alts but quietly dropped it from the plan following its busy launch. It’s sort of reflected here, although the common solutions to bring back alts are still gaining traction, albeit with the major need for easier resolution between multi-account bans.

This one’s a little bit more contentious of a topic considering that botting is a divisive subject, with those in favor of bots being very in favor of bots, but causing a lot of issues with accessibility for those not in the botting scene. There have been efforts to do so, but unless you’re around other people who bot it’s also an accessibility problem. It’ll continue to do so until we figure out an amicable solution for everyonel.

That being said, I agree about making modded Civ.

I was out this week so I guess there’s no poll. Whoops!

Labour Day Cry for Help

A frame from janet_blackquill’s “What I Love” Civball comic. Wait a minute…

Well, thanks for reading this week. Not that I’m going to give a long cry for help because I gotta go and do stuff but here’s a few things you could do:

For those who faithfully follow CivWiki, I’ll put the normal info on the front page later today, I don’t quite have it ready yet.

Otherwise, thanks for reading, and until next time,