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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for September 11, 2023

• specificlanguage

Good morning and happy Monday from New England!

So uh, now that you realize today is the 11th of September, there are probably some people in comments talking, possibly even joking about a certain happening with plane hijackings. Guys. This isn’t a joke, this happened in real life, and you shouldn’t joke about it. People hold remembrances and legislative tirades for this and all you can do is joke about how you and your Civ friends drove a plane into a tower. Gross.

Anyway, let’s get on with the news.

This week’s featured image is the Coronation Hall in Sneg, Imperial Federation. It’s one of the newest countries in the south of the country along with Regentsburgh, and after his self-proclaimed 8 months of living within the territory, along with the Imperial Federation’s recent resurgence from its constitution crisis, I think it’s safe to say that they’re doing a great job. Besides, it looks beautiful, too!

Featured Article

Impasse, officially the Kingdom of Impasse, was an early active nation on CivClassic. Built from foundations from nations like Aquila on Devoted 3.0 and Civcraft 3.0 along with various nations in Civcraft 2.0, the country aimed to be a general newfriend recruiting nation focused on building. Its two main districts were built in a renaissance style along with a ’80s and futuristic style. Within its first few months, Impasse made alliances with Hjaltland and built the HITS in cooperation with the country and was a founding member of the Western Alliance, but fell inactive during the Somber War.

The country eventually renamed to Corvus and converted itself to a corporation, maintaining shops in various countries such as Gabon and Icenia. However, they began cooperating with NATO sometime during 2020 and began construction of a vault hole in late 2020. aided various raiders during the War of the Coalition, leading to their ultimate destruction during The Fall of Corvus.

This week’s featured article image is an overview of Impasse’s main city.

The News

The snowy hilltops of newly-founded Vinland.

So I’m writing with the assumption that this has even less news this week:

Happenings Around Civ

Metagame Highlights

Wait… that’s IT?!

The Fun Stuff

Meracydia’s Town Square, with an aspiring horse.


Multimedia Projects


Non-Civ Content

Sports Corner

Non-Intrusive Thoughts of the Week

Poll of the Week

Oops, there was no poll last week. My bad!

Anyway, we have a very intriguing poll as suggestions from reffelruz and Xcios this week.

Please note that all information submitted is anonymous. A red star (
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Should there be more events on Civ?
What time is great for events? (Feel free to convert times listed into your time zone for ease of use)
Select all that are applicable.

Additionally, if you’d like to ask a general question for the people, I am open to poll suggestions as well.

[Very Obvious 9/11 Joke Here] Cry for Help

The current Civball Map of the World map. Please contribute! It looks too empty…

Alright, I’m gonna admit it guys, I’ve gotten burned out from the newsletter as of late. I know it takes like maybe 2 hours to write these little crazy guys, but writing the same news is getting tiring. We’ll see how much gas I have left in the tank, and I might want to move onto new things.

If you seriously think you have the will to write the newsletter in future weeks, please reach out. I’m always looking for people to work out.

If for some reason you want to contribute to this stupid cause but don’t really want to write a full newsletter…

If you’ve got any questions for either of these, feel free to message me @specificlanguage.

Well, I guess thanks for reading…