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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for November 7, 2022

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Good morning and happy November from New England!

It’s been quite a busy week for me and I honestly have a lot of writing to do outside of this (not to mention, it’s probably the worst class I’ve ever taken in my life), but I’ve tried to make time to look at Civ.

There’s very little news this week, but I’ve tried to at least gather up what’s useful. There’s very little drama and all but war, so news is a bit lacking, but I really hope there’s something new, even just like an Olympics or something, just to at least spice things up a little going into the holiday season.

Ready for the news?

This week’s featured picture, believe it or not, is Pavia. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we have the small village of Bedford, along the south coast of the country. Its current duke, BritishWanderer IV, has joined the effort with Crown Prince Creepi0n to build homes for Pavian citizens as the war has finished and have made lovely cottages for the residents of the country. It ends up making an image that looks like the rural English countryside. Great stuff!

Featured Article

Caledonia was a country on CivClassic mainly focused on economic development and was one of the few culturally relevant countries located on the eastern half of the server. The country was founded by Wingzero54 and meat312, both former Yoahtlans who were tired of government policy in the country. The country also engaged in diplomatic affairs with Wingzero becoming the first spokesperson of SATO, an alliance with many southwestern countries as well as engaging in parts of server conflict in the War of the Coalition.

One of the major landmarks in Caledonia was the aptly-named Securemall, an obsidian case filled to the brim with XP, enchanted armor and tools, bastions, and other valuable items not normally found through regular mall shops. The country’s capital, Aberdeen, was also a major cultural hub as the Central Station was a transportation hub for the quadrant as well as expansive builds such as Castle Vroengard, a large fortress, HenryDraton’s palace, built after his departure from Mount Augusta and the Caledonia Library, an outdoor library located among the streets of the city center. Wingzero became an admin for CivClassic and today is the owner of CivMC, while many of Caledonia’s inhabitants currently play in Dalgon.

This week’s featured article picture is of Aberdeen and its city center, overlooking the village and the cathedral’s square and city streets.

Current Events

Commonwealth, above the bamboo forest and panda sanctuary, taken by banyough.

The Fun Stuff

Gensokyo, looking into the residential district, taken by banyough.


Multimedia Projects


Noticably Shorter Cry for Help

This week’s featured picture is of Lasady’s winning entry in the Southshire Civball halloween contest, a parody of popular UDF meme Sneed’s Feed & Seed.

Huh, it really was shorter this week. I did notice that the player counts have been hovering around 40 lately so maybe something ought to change about that one…

Anyway, if you want to submit a featured article, please submit this form right here. This month, I’ll be giving those who submit fun prizes in game, which I’ve yet to decide what I’m actually going to give (despite my being poor in game). Greatly appreciate those who have already submitted articles, you can also submit articles about your own nations if you haven’t done so, take a look at the form for more information.

But as always…