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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for November 21, 2022

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Good morning and happy Monday from New England! Another solid week for everyone hopefully?

Finally, I’ve gotten a lot of workload taken off my back and I’m hoping to return to production on the long-awaited Mount Augusta train station starting next week, mostly because I just want to finish it at this point. People keep saying I shouldn’t but at this point, nobody wants three different train stations in a big city right now, especially one considerably more active like MtA right?

Anyway, news time:

Enough rambling from me, it’s news time!

There were a lot of great pictures this week (which I’ll probably feature in the next few weeks), but I’m going to give a shoutout to Griffin this week. They’ve recently returned to play for realsies this time, and this particular build is in their capital, Adria. Focused on building up a close-knit community, the kingdom’s land is split up into multiple different duchies that can be home to many different types of players. You may recognize them from past nations such as Fish and Kraken. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

Featured Article

The Kingdom of Prussia, more commonly known as simply Prussia, was a nation on Civcraft 1.0 and Civcraft 2.0 as a country themed around the pre-World War I German Empire. Originally formed through the /int/ board on Krautchan, Prussia grew to be both a political and diplomatic power, starting with being part of the Southeastern Alliance (SEA) on 1.0. On 2.0, they were involved in several complicated relationships with the alliances of Civcraft 2.0 including joining with Grundeswald to form the Holy Krautchan Empire, participating in the Goten Secession Conflict and having crises with Holy Tree and New Phoenix.

Prussia was mostly known for its cultural aspects, along with their strong monarchist German theme and style of government, the country was also the founding place of the “Church of t”, similar to the modern day “g”. The country was also notable for hosting numerous megastructures especially on 2.0, whose builds included an opera house (which hosted the end of the world celebration), cathedral, harbor, numerous ships, university, palace, and palace gardens. After 2.0, Prussia announced they would not return for future iterations, although Prussians founded a new country called Sigmaringen in CivClassic, but have not returned since.

A render of Breslau, Prussia’s capital in its final state at the end of the world.

Current Events

This week’s featured image is the Kilhajio Chōyakuba, the location of the summit for several countries on the Western Continent to form Karydia, a separate continent on a new landmass. Maybe a certain someone will forgive me now for doing absolutely nothing?

The Fun Stuff

A view of the Fish Lady statue among the streets of Santiago in Cortesia del Mar.


Multimedia Projects



Metagame Highlights

Thanksgiving Cry for Help

A picture of all the participants of the Pavian Farley War in the courtyard across from the Town Hall.

Since this is the last edition of the newsletter before thanksgiving, I just want to give a big thanks to everyone who’s given me support so far. This is the 27th edition of the newsletter, so just over half a year of these extremely long writeups of probably useless news that very few people will actually use in the future but it’s always still fun to do.

Since it’s Thanksgiving this week in the United States (aka where I live), want to take a moment to shout out everyone who’s contributed to helping with the newsletter.

First, the bureaucrat and moderation team who’s immensely helped with the support of the newsletter in its early days:

Second, all the newsletter staff. If you don’t know, this newsletter is “peer reviewed” by several people who play on Civ and help provide news for everyone. I could say a million things about each of these people but I can’t so I’m just going to list them:

Third, all the people who’ve provided me with Featured Articles, Images, or other aspects. Thanks to you, this newsletter has allowed me to bring content from all over the Civ community and funneled out to several of you! I don’t have a full list but you do know who you are if you’ve helped me or not because I’ve reached out to you in one way or another.

I do also want to give a particularly niche shoutout to TheJmqn, who made the original featured article on CivWiki all the way back on May 16, 2022, inspiring me to commit to updating weekly and also posting the very first newsletter.

And last but certainly not leastly, all of you who are amazing supporters of something extremely stupid every week even if you’re not going to read this part because it’s just too long. Your readership (and I see it on AWS!) quite literally encourages me to continue this letter and put my hard work into it every single week, day in and day out. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Anyway, speaking of Featured Articles, if you’re looking to get on the list above and help me further with the newsletter, please fill out this form to give your suggestions on whatever Civ thing you want me to research and talk about! I welcome all suggestions, and I’m also looking for op-ed writers if you’re interested, just DM me if you want to rant in a slightly public space :)

Oh, and one last thing…