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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for November 28, 2022

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Good morning and happy Monday from New England!

I hope everyone had a great and happy Thanksgiving weekend, only a couple days to go until the holiday season! Unfortunately didn’t get as much done as I wished, mostly because my Civ commitments got overriden by other, more pressing issues but we’re still grinding on the newsletter here regardless.

Ready for the news?

This week’s featured image is of Altepetl, taken by Ara. The jewel of the jungle in my own words, rapid development has been happening here the past few weeks, including the walls you see now reminescent of New Yoahtl City on Civclassic, with way more high-rises than when I last saw the city several weeks ago. The country’s economic development is also in full swing, with the Great Overland Railway now effectively stretching from Katipan in Lambat all the way down the Lusitania’s main rail station, stopping by the rail station in the city. As long as it’s not a lag fest…

Featured Article

Mount Chungusta was a country on CivTest, a short-lived experimental Civ server run on Minetest. Its name derives from the long-living state of Mount Augusta (where many of its citizens hailed from) and the ironic meme of Big Chungus. The country was one of the most developed on the server, becoming the first nation with developed factories as well as a bunker and vault. The country had several minor conflicts involving Chungustan citizen affairs, but developed a minimal, reasonable albeit amusing “minarchist” law structure like Mount Augusta’s that held throughout its iteration.

With the server turning offline in April 2020, the country’s citizens became inactive for a time, but eventually moved to CivClassic. Many of its citizens played a major part in founding the aptly-named Mount September.

Mount Chungusta’s town alongside a cliff, near the end of CivTest.

Current Events

The sunrise in Arnen’s capital, Malcour, along its river harbor and town hall.

The Temporal Isles Conflict

I mean, it’s nice that one of the nations literally has an adjective in its name so I just used it for the header? If this catches on I will be sorely disappointed.

This is provided in chronological order, so ordering on the posts may be extremely different than what it looked like on the subreddit.

Reactions between different countries have been mixed, but all are calling for anti-war:

Thanks to everyone for the information, including Gjum, BritishWanderer, wFang, Britisher/King_Cupar, Lagiacrus, ChrisChrispie, Dredd and the Elithys from the Daily Nut.

The Commonwealth coronation, taken by reffelruz.

Everything Else

The Fun Stuff

The castle along the coast of Stros M’Kai, in Imperial Federation, taken by King_Cupar/Britisher.

No builds this week? Aw…

Multimedia Projects


Metagame Highlights

Post-Thanksgiving Cry for Help

Shiroyama Harbor, in Nara. I feel like I’ve used this before. If I have, nobody’s really going to care, nobody reads this section anyway.

Thanks once again to everyone for reading this week’s newsletter. Special thanks to Lodish, theFinalGoat, Bowilla, Gjum, BritishWanderer, wFang, Britisher/King_Cupar, Lagiacrus, ChrisChrispie, Dredd and Elithys for all the support. God, that’s a lot of people. You can tell how terrible this edition really was.

I really app— wait, oh no the ad read monster is coming AAAAAAAAAAAa----

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Ok that’s it for this week guys and until next time,