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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for December 5, 2022

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Good morning and happy exhausting Monday from New England!

Do I have to say anything else about this week from my perspective? There was too much this week and I’m sincerely knocked out. I had work before doing this too. This was probably the worst week to enable Reddit notifications on my phone.

Are we ready for the longest newsletter ever?

This week’s featured image is of Pioneer Village, L City in Lambat. While the country’s seen a slight denouement in development, the country is still hard at work building all the public works you’d expect of the country. Of course, you know the Lambat Post, and it’s currently looking for brand new contributors or other opinion writers for its newsletter. But its Filipino cultural exports are also wide across the entire country, with its many train stations and quite literally the biggest mall of the server, of which the Philippines itself is known for. Great stuff!

Featured Article

Acadia was a country on CivUniverse and CivClassic that focused on accessible democracy for its citizens as well as building productive infrastructure. The first iteration, founded by Cortwade on CivUniverse, was one of the most built up on the server as part of a vassal state of Javaya, but became inactive due to the New Vegas war. Eventually the country moved to CivClassic in March 2021, however was also embroiled in conflict, after raids and a crisis involving Caledonia their ally Adina. The town eventually grew in late 2021 after economic activity and a resurgence in player interest allowed the city to build new infrastructure until the server’s end.

The country of Acadia was built based on ideas from Norlund and Adinan policies. Acadia prides itself on its governmental culture, from its long list of political parties and struggles of federal power in the country. However, it was most remembered for its infrastructure, including its Grand Central Station in CivUniverse, and its many Victorian-style builds in New Turing. One of its most notable areas was a part named “Rainbow Row”, as it spurred waterfront development and its LGBT movement. There currently is no successor to Acadia on CivMC, and many of its citizens have gone to other nations; however some citizens are currently the force behind the development of CivReign.

Pictured above is the city of New Turing, on CivClassic, in August 2021.

Current Events

Another overhead render of Icenia, now with its recent updates like its capitol, and stadium.

Tying Loose Ends

I bet you’re all expecting the Speedy drama to happen but I have to do some due diligence and report back on some of the drama that happened last week.

Temporal Conflict

Commonwealth Succession Crisis

SpeedyJustice & Associates arriving in Gensokyo. Wait, you didn’t tell me there was more drama this week!

The Speedy Coup

To think there wasn’t enough drama this week. Oh no.

Alright, slow down. What happened?

On the evening of Saturday the 3rd, SpeedyJustice, along with associates meat312, Skruntoo, and SapienFrfx entered Gensokyo unannounced.

As a result, SpeedyJustice and his cohort went into Gensokyo asking to speak with their leader, to “negotiate.”

Ok, so why did this happen? Why is Speedy doing this thing out of the blue? It’s a long story, but let’s cut to the chase and cut down the bullshit wall of text that SpeedyJustice has created:

A currently planned set of tightly-knit buildings in Gensokyo. Oh wait, I’m not actually dividing a section, there’s just so much that I have to divide this current section again!

So, why did he do this?

Eventually, SpeedyJustice made another long (and in my opinion very sickening) post outlining all of his rationales for doing exactly what he did. He said he “had grown disheartened” with the country’s wasted opportunities, and believed that despite having a “deep respect for the country of Gensokyo”, he wanted to open the land to new opportunities, by taking it over and launching opportunities for old Gensokyojin to be involved. Vague as all hell.

Also, the fact that you’ve put American pictures in this entire PDF kinda just discredits most of your argument right there. If you want to read the entire 8-image thing, good luck.

Oh yes, by the way if you completely forgot, Gensokyo had the support of at least four nations during the attacks this morning, due to their GOD pact to defend the country in the case of an upcoming attack. In the defense pact is Gang Shi, New Jersey, and Truidencia, and other fighters from Kallos (Kommi) came to join them.

Most of those who were on SpeedyJustice’s side have been remorseful about the attack, or have been pearled.

Today, SpeedyJustice is still vengeful about the attack and continues to claim that he still has leverage over Gensokyo, despite not logging in. He’s told me there is “stuff still in store”, and he is hiding stuff to protect the rest of the attackers. However, much of these words have been devoted to show how much both in-game PvP and subreddit PvP had been completely stacked against him.

Gensokyo is still asking for harsh reparations for attackers after the unprovoked attack.

So you may be asking:

Q: So it looks like there’s a lot of just words, words, words and nothing really happened right?

A: Yeah, pretty much.

On the streets of Santiago, Cortesia del Mar, taken by MrDoomBringer.

Around the Server

So this is all the stuff I probably would have normally put out on the news this week, but because of all the stuff last night it’s now a brand new section! Woohoo!

Lyrean Community & the Northeast

Imperial Federation & Southwest

Icenia & the Northwest

Alenarith & the Southeast

Server Administration News

The Fun Stuff

Griffin’s Town Square, along with its new Christmas decorations and train station in the far background.

Oh, you thought we were done? That was just the news portion of the newsletter, now we gotta actually look at the subreddit.


So we’ve got several posts this week that I couldn’t even highlight. Everything’s very high quality this week.

I imagine the quality will immediately drop next week.

Multimedia Projects

Dirt, at night. Taken by Creepi0n.


Speedy Memes

Non-Speedy Memes


Metagame Highlights

You may ask, why did I put this drama down here instead of above? I’m not cluttering the actual drama now, and I’m too tired to actually care.

Dizzying Cry for Help

A picture commemorating the state visit of Princess Bow of Winterbourne to the Imperial Federation, taken at the tree in Pridelands.

As I’m writing this section, I haven’t finished writing anything, but I know this edition was A LOT of work on many different fronts. If you got through this entire thing, god bless you.

Everyone better say “Appreciate speclang” because I just summed up the longest week in Civ in my life with an essay I’d write in my History class.

(2am final check: just realized this was actually about 700 words above the normal word limit I have for my history essays, so congratulations, you’re getting a college-level paper for free)

This week’s edition could not have been done without Yodabird19 as he provided several points of information about the Speedy Coup, and checked for factual inaccuracies throughout the whole thing. He’s a lifesaver for staying up at 1am to look at words about a Minecraft political server. Also thanks to Kaprediem and Gjum for taking a look at all this bullshit.

If you like this and want to see more of your information in the newsletter, I implore everyone here to submit a featured article! I always love hearing about other nation’s history, and I want to hear what you have to say! You also get your stuff on the front page for everyone new to see!

Alright, and as usual…