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Ads & Pricing

Adtacular Summer!

With the rising number of businesses on Civ, I’m opening up advertising space in the newsletter once again for the rest of the summer (or really, until the newsletter ends!) There are generally no restrictions on the ads themselves, with the only exception being that all ads must be directly related to Civ. Any ads for non-Civ purposes will be automatically rejected. (I also will not accept IRL money for these ads.)

This time, the price of the ad will be determined by size:

All payments should be sent to MB Sort Code HS-7362.

  • Text based ad: 10d/run (see example below)
  • Text must have 250 characters or less
  • You should the background color you’d like (except Black or White)
  • Links allowed, but no pictures
A message from the UNCIn case anyone is confused, there is a tradition of having BritishWanderer make these posts, since he has the best individual relations with the community. It was likely written by somebody who would have been shat all over had they been the one to actually make the post, and I doubt BritishWanderer even read it before he copypasted it here on their behalf.

  • Banner ad: 12d/run (see example below)
  • Image size should be of similar ratio to 768x96 (8:1)

  • Full image ad: 20d/run (see example below)
  • Image size should be of similar ratio to 768x324 (2:1)

To run an ad:

May 13 addition:

For some weeks, ad spots may fill up before publishing. In this case, you’ll be placed on a waitlist if an ad spot backs out for any reason for the week in question.

Otherwise, your ad will be moved to the next week and will be a guaranteed slot.

If you’re flexible on when the ad is run, I can allow you to pay 2d less, and you’ll automatically be placed on the waitlist.

For any questions, please send them to @specificlanguage on Discord!