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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for January 9, 2023

Good morning and happy Monday from New England!

I hope this new year has given you some semblance of joy, motivation, growth, or all three. So far, it’s looking to be a ridiculous year so far from the news in real life. There’s exciting roads ahead for the Civ genre as a whole this year, so you’ll see some of the info in this week’s edition.

Ready for the news?

This week’s featured image is a view of Verdant Valley, in Commonwealth. Located north of the city’s center in Shopside, it has seen massive growth over the past month thanks to Loo_wee_gee and other efforts in the region, with magnificent builds (this is only a taste of what’s there!) You can also see the greenery-adorned Tricon headquarters in the far background. Ever since I first visited the area, it’s undergone a complete transformation from lush jungle wilderness to the great makings of a High Street. Great work, and can’t wait to see what’s next!

Featured Article

This week’s featured article was contributed by ArtificialDriver.

The Gabon Corporation was a publicly traded Gabonese multinational conglomerate corporation operating in the fields of industry, consumer goods, agrigulture and construction. The corporation was based in Salisbury, Gabon and was the first major shareholder-owned company to be established on CivClassic with operations in 7 separate countries. Its predecessor, the GabonXP Corporation was founded by FKA_Twink, Gobblin and BritishWanderer on October 7th 2020 as a means to profit off the server’s XP market.

Its goal was to produce affordable XP and ship it globally. The company went public in December 2020, allowing any member of the public to purchase shares for which the Corporation would pay out dividend every quarter. The Corporation would later merge with Salisbury Holdings and G&W Co. into what would be known as the Gabon Corporation. At its peak the Corporation would make over 6000 diamonds and pay out 1400 diamonds in quarterly dividends to its shareholders who held a total of 4000 shares. The Gabon Corporation’s spiritual successor, the Monument Group, is currently operating in on CivMC. (Full article…)

The logo of the Gabon Corporation, created by BritishWanderer.

Current Events

A view of Griffin’s Harbour district, with a brand new ship built by Seekinq.

Imperial Federation, Southwest & Central

The Northwest

Alenarith & Southeast

  • Mount Augusta has once again made a slew of amendments to its constitution, making the country’s laws similar to its previous iterations.
  • Danzilona has been “embroiled” in a war with Cortesia Del Mar, after the country realized the territory of Imbolc, intended as a part of Danzilona, was mistakenly still part of Cortesia Del Mar. It was intended to be handed over to Danzilona but the transfer was neglected for months, resulting in this war.
  • Danzilona also has several pending bills in their legislative session, set to make sweeping changes to their defensive and foreign affairs as well as abolishing their national government altogether in favour of worker cooperatives.
  • RacconOnCrack along with others perpetrated several raids last week.
    • Shadowvdark reported that much of Venne’s wealth was raided by them after unpearling them months ago.
    • After attempting a raid on Calw, Doom City, Estalia, and ISP associates chased and pearled four of the five raiders present, and RacconOnCrack is currently being held by Nara.
    • Interestingly, the raids are only the second major time that he’s logged onto the server – it’s evident when seen on

Lyrean Community & Northeast

Server Administration News

  • Another Civ server named “Civballs” (not to be confused with the art form of the same name) is in development, hoping to construct and rewrite plugins with more superflous UI and better performance.
  • CivVie has not reopened since December 27, however one of the developers has signaled to “stay tuned”…
  • CivReign’s latest announcement has banned botting from its upcoming iteration.
  • CivRev is launching its open beta next month, however, the entry process for the server has made people somewhat concerned:
    • While it is an open beta, Owain is introducing a whitelist and invite system, meaning that players will need to apply to gain access to the whitelist pre-launch, and then those people will be able to invite others onto the server post-launch.
    • Additionally, more CivRealms mainstays have announced to return for CivRev, along with new features like autofarming, the previously announced earth map that would wrap around, adding guns, and vehicles. It does look like it’s intended to mimick a real life world.
  • CivMC now has an amazingly crafted Portal landing page on CivWiki, made by Red_Steel. It’s a page where you can easily find categories and explore pages on CivWiki. She’s done some amazing work the wiki and it’s like I always imagined it for each server to have its own portal for its own content. Great work!

The Fun Stuff

The snowy hamlet of Esberg, in the Imperial Federation, taken by Frostwarrior.


Multimedia Projects



Starting in February, this section will be transitioning to paid advertisements.* More details to follow soon.

Metagame Highlights

Resolute Cry for Help

A view of Lake Suwa, on the border between Gensokyo and Nara. Taken by GTAIV, with the help of the Distant Horizons project.

Thanks for reading this week’s newsletter!

A huge thank you to ArtificialDriver, who reached out to me and wrote a featured article for this week. A well-deserving featured article as well.

Also thanks to Yodabird19, Des23, Creepi0n, and BritishWanderer for reviewing this last night. Thanks to them so that this newsletter remains high-quality.

Final thanks this week goes to Red_Steel, who’s been hard at work on the CivWiki and has made this amazing portal page for CivMC this past week. It looks amazing and it’s been a great improvement to navigation across the wiki.

If you want to see your stuff in the newsletter, reach out to me whether you want to write some featured writing or make a featured article. (If you’re wondering, Featured Articles only need a small section on any topic on Civ that has an article on the wiki so far.) Alternatively, you can submit this form, and I’ll read anything you have. Although, I’m very impartial to featured articles.

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