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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for September 26, 2022

Good morning and happy Monday from New England, gamers! Hope you’re having a great time not being terrorized by raiders across the server.

Now that the server’s at peace, I’m weirdly optimistic for CivMC; I’m not sure how long this peace will last, considering that the last time we had a “peace” we never really got to see how it ended considering CivClassic just died, but I digress. The fact that we’re at peace makes me appreciate the little things in Civ, and I’m all appreciating Civ with all the more optimism.

If you want to advertise your nation, or show any part of your history, I highly recommend submitting a Featured article about your nation: submit this form here! (because I am tired of writing featured articles myself).

Ok, enough whining, it’s news time:

This week’s featured image is of the skyline of Icenia City; the country had been embattled with numerous obbybombing and raiding attempts during the Estalia-Rhode Island War. Over the past week, Icenians have cleaned up the massive amount of grief extremely quickly; although bewsiej gave citizens easy access to the obsidian groups, the large citizenry came out in droves to help, which barely declined during the war. With Icenia’s rapid return, President ChrisChrispie’s reaction to Icenia’s enthusiastic return as “one of the most astounding moments I’ve witnessed in my 8/9 years of playing Civ”.

Featured Article

Loveshack was a micronation on Civcraft 1.0 and 2.0. Fully located within the borders of Mount Augusta, the country was an anarcho-queer monarchy focused on spreading the dogma of love, freedom of sexuality, and supporting the self-determination of all nations. The nation’s main reason for existence, however, was simply to roleplay as a micronation. Much of its territory was divided in provinces, with small provinces focused on its palace, courtyard, and even a barstool in Prince Toastedspike’s favorite bar.

Despite its small size, Loveshack became involved in some diplomatic issues during its tenure on Civcraft, The longest war involved the French Mount Augustan province of Vanier, where continued military aggression eventually resulted in Mount Augusta recognizing Loveshack’s sovereignty in 2014. Loveshack was also involved in conflicts with Orion, attempts to annex Grundeswald, and accession into the U3P, a military alliance in the +,+ quadrant. To this day, Loveshack remains the only successful attempt at a microstate in Civ, simultaneously being recognized officially and taking a lighthearted nature to culture and international relations in Civ. (Full article…)

This picture is of the Loveshack palace taken during the Orion-Loveshack War, taken by Toastedspike’s.

Current Events

This section’s header picture is of Pavia’s brand new Cathedral built along the plains of the nation; the religious site will be the backdrop for the forthcoming wedding of acuhdemiic of Estalia and CutePastelStars of New Jersey.

This week was a lot quieter than expected, mostly everyone taking time to rebuild and recuperate from the war. No huge drama, as obviously expected but enough news to fill this section. Although maybe expect The Fun StuffTM to be longer than current events for the first time ever.

Territorial Changes

Server News

Other Drama

The Fun Stuff

This section’s header picture is of the Mall of Lambat, the country’s newest mall with open plots for both citizens and international sellers.

Will this be longer than the news? We shall see.

Breathtaking Builds

Seemed as if everyone stockpiled their builds for after the war, huh?

Very Cool Multimedia Projects

Spicy Keanu Reeves Memes

Corpolike Advertisements

No-Punchline Metagame Highlights

Peaceful Cry for Help

This section’s header picture is an invitation poster of Acuhdemic and CutePastelStars’ wedding in Pavia next month, a highly advertised affair.

Thank you for reading this week’s edition of the newsletter; it’s nice to finally have an edition where I’m not talking about war for two hours, right?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks so I haven’t been able to do any data analysis but I promise I want to get to it very soon. It’s just a little bit on the tough side for me as I’ve got a lot going on in real life and can barely get these out weekly.

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And as always…