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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for January 2, 2023

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Good morning and happy new year from New England!

If you’re new here, welcome! This newsletter is intended to provide a summary of the week’s news and happenings throughout the entire Civ community. It’s supported by the CivWiki, a player-run wiki that documents history and information related to Civ. Hopefully, this newsletter provides you with a slice of life of what Civ looks like.

I hope everyone had a relaxing time with your Civvas, friends and family over this holiday season, and had a relaxing day off from playing Civ and touching grass (or snow).

Expect a shorter newsletter this week, as I had family over and I am also writing all of this the night before! I hope you enjoy this week.

Ready for the news?

This week’s featured image is Regentsburgh, in the Imperial Federation. A quiet day in the city, but it’s in a much improved state than before. You’ll see that the town’s expanded quite a bit; the under-construction fortress on the left side has expanded a ton, and the town in the middle has perfectly transformed into a great snowy village, just in time for the new year. Great stuff, and can’t wait for more.

Featured Article

This week’s featured article was contributed by Des23.

The Aeginan independence movement was comprised of two separate attempts by two different dictators of Aegina to unilaterally remove the country from its sovereign nation, the Danzilonan Federation (DZF), which was dominated by its most populous country, New Danzilona (NDZ), on Civcraft 2.0.

Spurred by the expansion of Aegina’s borders and his own grandiosity, the first attempt was done by it_needs_bees between August and November 2014 and resulted in his pearling and permanent banishment from the DZF. The second attempt at independence was done by Inscourge, who was a former newfriend citizen of Aegina who returned to try to revive the city, in March 2015. Instead, he plotted to use mercenaries to grief and overthrow the government of NDZ. His plot was foiled by Danzilonan allies, resulting in his pearling and subsequent ban from Civcraft for altban evasion. (Full article…)

The Danzilonan Security Force and allies breaking the Aeginan vault, August 2014.

For this month’s extra featured writing, I’ve asked from several notable Civ figures across the community one question.

What did you learn from Civ in 2022, and what do you hope for them in 2023?

I’ve gotten several varied responses from the four people I’ve asked. As a retrospective on the community, I’ve shared them on another blog post here.

Here’s a sneak peek of the responses I’ve gotten:

I hopped on this “hate everyone” train late in classics and I hate that I did. Give people a chance on this game, even if they’ve been opposed to you at some point. Often times it comes back to help you out down the road.

It’s the fact that perfectly good and reasonable people tend to naturally group up into their little corners, and assume only the absolute worst from those outside. […] As for all of you, I suggest you all try reaching out to those guys you hate and talking it out, they’re probably not half as bad as the image you’ve built in your head.

But the cracks began to show, as not only was server performance terrible, we had realized, but the meta that was developed was not tenable for months on end. […] Now, after all the trials, retrospective, and redevelopment, we stand on the precipice of the launch of a server which, while staying true to the civ formula, we feel will drive the genre to new heights.

It is this sense of community that makes Civ a special place, we sit in our corner of the internet roleplaying our ideal nation states, hosting Olympics, diplomatic affairs and just hanging with our pals that we feel like we’ve known forever (or maybe have!) and it’s that in particular that makes me so glad I stumbled across this niche genre back in 2015.

If you’d like to know who each of these people are and more of their reflections over the past year, head along to the additional blog post for more!

Current Events

Icenia’s newest glass store from TolypeVelleda, as two adjacent and very nice brownstones along the corridor to Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Park. It looks like a Lego Modular Buildings Set, I love it!

Most of the news here is based on CivMC news, only because this is the sector with the most news right now. When CivReign launches, this section will be greatly overhauled to provide news on both servers.

Thank god that I don’t have to summarize a long and extremely boring newspiece this week, right?

Lyrean Community & Northeast

Imperial Federation & Southwest

The Northwest

Alenarith & Southeast

Server Administration News

The Fun Stuff

The Western Gate in the Commonwealth, the entrance to the main city, built by Enna. Welcome back!


Multimedia Projects


Metagame Highlights

New Year’s Cry for Help

Griffin’s recent New Year’s card, wishing for a happy new year with fireworks in their square.

Thank you once again for reading this newsletter! A huge thanks to Des23 who handled the featured article this week, as I’ve been very busy this past week and did not have time to write one myself (also additionally not having good article selections this week, definitely off my game…)

I saw a lot of people wish happy new years for everyone in Civ, whether an enemy or an ally, so it’s nice to see the community be nice altogether for once!

Another huge thanks to Ahri, Cortwade, BritishWanderer, and ChrisChrispie, all four of whom devoted their time, effort, and Discord DMS to the difficult prompt I gave this week. I want to thank them for lending their thoughts about Civ this past year for the newsletter. If you want to read their full thoughts (and didn’t read them above), take a look here.

Finally, if you’d like to see your information on the newsletter, please submit this form here. I’m most in need of Featured Articles, and provide slices of life about Civ events on the Wiki itself as well as on the newsletter. If you could help a poor man out, that would be great! It only takes a short amount of time to contribute.

I think that’s all I have for this week, so once again, as always…