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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for January 16, 2023

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Good morning and happy MLK Day from New England!

A little quieter of a week, is what I would have said until the end of week, when everything just happened out of nowhere. Before like Thursday, It was definitely a week spent working for everyone, whether building or PvP or XP stuff. I don’t want to say we have another war on our hands, but I do find it funny it’s the same people as last time, basically. Everyone in that quadrant must be extremely tired.

Ready for this week’s news?

This week’s featured image is the Zocalo in Cortesia Del Mar. Zocalo is the name of the main square in the center of Mexico City, and Cortesia has done a great job with getting that style down. I really like the square vibe and the heavy use of the diorite here, it really makes these hall-like like buildings feel ancient and weathered down for years. Their distinctive style is always a delight to see in the #builds channel on the discord, and it’s continued here as well. Great job guys, hope to see more pictures soon.

Featured Article

Iria is a nation focused on trade and infrastructure, and is currently one of the longest running Civ nations. Originally founded by Lottosprayer and HorizonLeap in the early years of Civcraft 2.0, the country was a mainstay throughout the entire iteration and was a founding member Northeastern Alliance (NEA). The country endured raids from multiple groups, including the Islamic National Front, BMB, and Eagle Crew throughout the first half of the server. In the back half of Civcraft 2.0, the country became embroiled in a conflict with the Federal Socialist Republics after cooperating with Savion on a vault, leading many to exit the NEA.

Iria continued to participate on every major Civ server following Civcraft 2.0, with the country continuing to trace their lineage back to the original iteration. In Civcraft 3.0, they reached a hesitant alliance with Concordia in the snowy Tjikko, and in Devoted 3.0 making an alliance with Aquila in the Delta Alliance. On their iteration in CivClassic, the country resided in a mesa valley on the eastern edge of the map, built one of the largest international train stations recorded on Civ, and included leaders such as Squareblob and RedDevel. The country continues to this day with their current iteration on CivMC.

The featured image is the Cathedral of Castulus, one of the very first buildings built in Iria by Lottosprayer, and the surrounding gardens built by Gobblin.

Current Events

Khione, a sky-based town in the Imperial Federation, taken by BigMik511.

Around CivMC

If you’re wondering why your news doesn’t come first, I’m rotating the quadrant orders week-by-week, so too bad!

I personally found this week’s news extremely funny as most of these were such “haha funny” conflicts that mean absolutely nothing and that all three of the big drama points involve some variation of the same three parties. I wonder if we’re just playing a giant game of Diplomacy…

Ok nope. I wrote this four hours ago thinking this would be the end of the drama, but guess what!

The Northwest

Alright, here’s the one piece of good news I have from the region:

Ok, there you go! Skip the next part if you don’t care!

Alenarith & Southeast

Why is it when there’s Civ drama in Alenarith, it’s always you three?

This section was corrected to clarify and include the post’s content and Icenia’s viewpoint.

My personal view is that this is all stupid.

The new Lugani Tower in Northwest Lugano, in Pavia, built by Creepi0n.

Lyrean Community & Northeast

Imperial Federation & Southwest

It’s funny because most of the news that could belong in this section already got covered in earlier sections…

Server News

The Fun Stuff

Row houses along the Great Overland Railway in Katipan, Lambat, made by AKJanklin.

Man that sounded weird, dude. You said something about Dalgon? Extended pearl sentencing? Temporal Isles? You must have hit your head really bad, come on, let’s go look at funny block pictures.


The highlighted build pictures this week:

Multimedia Projects

There are no multimedia projects this week, so instead here’s just a bunch of Civball fanfics from OnceDoceTrece/janet blackquill:

Alright, I think this segment is over now. Onto the next item today — wait this is the only other thing we had?



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Metagame Highlights

Long Weekend Cry for Help

The King’s Court in Savaguard on CivRealms, one of the notable pictures that TheJmqn has brought up to promote in-game screenshots for advertising.

I have got to stop staying up on Sunday night.

Thank you for reading this week’s newsletter. A big thanks to bgbba, ChrisChrispie and BritishWanderer, ShadySauce, SirPenrose, Walkers, and Tuomasz for providing invaluable (and incredibly detailed) information on all the events that happened this week.

Thanks also to Gjum for also providing information as well as a readthrough this week without actually pinging me, he did a great job for staying up at 3am in Germany.

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