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CivWiki Newsletter for January 22, 2024

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Good morning and happy Monday from New England!

In my neck of the woods, it’s way colder and snowier than before, and I’ve learned that I’m a wimp when it comes to driving in snow. But in Civ it couldn’t be more quieter as many players are focusing inwards on building amazing stuff.

There have also been a lot of exits however, after the past month where we saw a lot of YouTubers call it quits, a couple admins and players on Civ have done the same. It’s the year of laying back a little, and I highly suspect this is not the end.

I know you all have been waiting for this for a while after I’ve delayed it enough, so are we ready for the news?

This week’s featured image is the Rijkspaleis in Icenia. One of the most stunning recent builds in Icenia’s expansion into the Butternut territory, it features a beautiful garden and exterior in the wilds of the savanna with a Dutch twist from ButtScoot and MineForgeCwaft. While this picture makes this look extremely small, this thing is incredibly huge, it’s on the scale of many Pavia builds which is very unlike Icenia, but we love it for them. I can’t wait to see this fully complete on the other side, not to mention this becoming the new Versailles palace. Great work!

Featured Article

This week’s featured article was written by reffelruz.

Peter5930 is a Civ player mainly known for playing within the Commonwealth during Civcraft 2.0 and CivClassic. During the early days of Civcraft 2.0, he faced many conflicts with Carson as well as being a double agent during the HCF War. When he returned for Commonwealth’s iteration in CivClassic, Peter was pearled by Lexington during the Somber War due to continued grievances following the HCF War. He took on the mantle of King of the Commonwealth following brinton bestowing him the title. During his exile, he built the End Citadel which provided respite for imprisoned players in the end.

Although he was released and spearheaded renovation efforts in Westminster, Commonwealth’s capital, he remained a stoic figure and slowly became inactive. However, his slow disappearance despite his position of power granted several players, led by reffelruz of Meditat, to idolize him and founded a religion around him. The Commonwealth’s revival on CivMC established this philosophy with the Declaration of the Eternal King. The religion with scripture, construction of temples, and the coronation of Bowilla as king following in his footsteps, have continued to this day.

This week’s featured article image is of the End Citadel on CivClassic, built by Peter5930 while in exile.

This Week Last Year

On January 23rd, 2023…

The News

Server News

The still-snowy beach of Shockton in Volterra.

There’s actually a good amount of news around the Civ community solely involving servers.

From a macro perspective, I’m happy for SoundTech and appreciative for all the great work he’s done to keep the server running and active. However, the departure’s ill timing cannot be avoided following the previously anticipated fishing update last Christmas that has not been redeployed.

Meanwhile, on the upstart side of the community…

The above is not an advertisement, but an investigation of what this server entails.

Now that we have so many servers on the CivWiki page though, I’m hoping we’ll clean up the list eventually…

Around CivMC

New buildings going up from Ironscale in Altepetl, Yoahtl.

The Fun Stuff

Winterbourne Castle and the surrounding town, taken by RedDevel.


Clearly January is a building month.

Cool Content


Poll of the Week

Last week we had 64 responses on topically separate questions.

Our first question was about when the next war was going to be. In reality, it’s more of an ask about how peaceful the current Civ climate is:

I find it very interesting that many people think next war won’t happen for a while. Sure, it’s peaceful, but I think there’s a need for a new group to poke the flames and start another war, but more realistically it’s probably due to school schedules. On CivMC, we’re in somewhat of a Cold War where everyone knows the next war will be massive and gamechanging. But for now, I hope we can continue this peace, as somewhat tense as it may be.

The second question was whether you would like to see more wiki competitions in the future.

I think it was nice making the last competition very general and easy to insert yourself into so anyone could compete, but this made it so easy for anybody who didn’t know the Wiki competition was a thing to win stuff. In the future, I would love to make another competition or recurring thing such as this, but I’ll have to find a way to make it as accessible as this but allow people to opt in or out if they like with low commitment.

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Departing Cry for Help

Groveheart Village in the “heart” of the Imperial Federation, also taken by RedDevel.

I promised myself I’d have speclang’s best of 2023 by this time but I don’t because I’ve been so busy doing other stuff. You can kind of tell that this is rushed. But I might have a sneak peek for a sports thing I’m making too and I thought I’d have that in time but didn’t quite have it this week either.

There’s actually nobody to thank this week, nearly all of this was written by myself, but a small thanks to Walkers, Butter_Villager and SQOpenSpellbook for some supplemental information when answering questions.

I know I’ve telegraphed for a while that I’m planning to leave, and I don’t want to make a full announcement yet. But if you want to learn the ropes on how this newsletter is made, I’m planning to (eventually) edit together a video that details how this newsletter is made, especially for those who are going to work on it if you want after I’m gone. It would be nice to get at least a good amount of use with this iteration of the newsletter website however, so this might continue for a little while longer.

Well, I think that’s about it for me folks. See you all next time, and until then…