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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for January 23, 2023

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Good morning and happy Monday from good ‘ol New England.

Not much happened this midweek but as I’m writing this I’m bracing for the weekend news rush, as usual. Hopefully we’re not going to see something extremely terrible like a war happening, right?!

This week’s featured picture is Nara’s temples in their main city. I actually took this picture myself this last weekend while going around Alenarith, and Earyx has said “i thought this was a irl pic”, so if that has merit to either my photography or their commitment to building sublime Imperial Japanese architecture, then we’ll both take that compliment!

Featured Article

Nro’meagh was a clan-based society on CivClassic; while commonly referred to as a country as a whole, the area was mainly held by several clans acting as their own sovereign countries. Of the many factions in the region, the primary players were Alexandria, an anarchic build city similar to Mount Augusta, Jevoghnya, the oldest and most historically significant region where the conlang of Nro’meagh was born, and Caesar’s Legion, a Roman-roleplay clan similar to the Fallout clan of the same name, focused on conquering the entire region.

Throughout its lifespan, these clans were engaged in several alliances and wars. Several clans also maintained alliances with nations uninvolved with the region, such as Vinland and Adina. In 2020, several major conflicts occurred, with two major clans, Alexandria and Threkeld, squaring off in February 2020. During April 2020, Caesar’s Legion also achieved their goal of conquering the entire region, however were overthrown by a coalition of clans led by Topher3001 the following month. Today, some Nro’meagh players currently play in today’s Imperial Federation.

This week’s featured image is a landscape of the Jehoghnya clan’s settlement in the Nro’meagh region.

Current Events

Mount Augusta’s town square.

Around CivMC

Wartorn Northwest

Quite Literally Everything Else

Other Server News

The Fun Stuff

Pavia’s shipyard, but a different view than I usually give! Taken by RektTangle.


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Metagame Highlights

Clogger-ing Cry for Help

The Topher Tower in Doom City, nearby to Mount Augusta.

The New Ad System

So, you’re wondering about the new advertisements system. I’ll set up a form included in next week’s newsletter for an preferred ad-read, and price.

One thing that will be slightly different however, is that you’ll also receive a small discount on either server’s ads if you contribute a featured article to the newsletter, but the featured article cannot be about your business (sorry Monument Group). Help contribute information for public good, and you get a slight discount! Isn’t that neat?

The Normal Cry for Help

Now there are also people who have asked about a patreon or crowdfunding — I’m still considering that right now, and, I must note, since very little of this newsletter has any money costs, a good majority of this will be pumped back into personal projects that have completely nothing to do with Civ or this newsletter.

To also further save costs, I’m undergoing a migration process away from AWS later this week, so the newsletter will be down for (hopefully less than hour) midweek.

That being said, if you do want to contribute, at least contribute your time by doing the possible potential things:

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Ok, that was a lot. Sorry about that. Finally, as always…