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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for February 6, 2023

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Good morning and happy Monday from freezing New England!

This past weekend it was quite below freezing where I am, with a biting low temperature of -3F/-20C with a howling 20+mph windchill so it’s nice to sit back, relax and make a newsletter. It wasn’t actually that nice though. Honestly, it’s biting cold out there, so bundle up and stay safe this winter!

I’m sure there was already good incentive to stay inside instead of freezing outside, because things are already quite heating up in game!

Ready for the news?

This week’s featured image is a gate along Griffin’s road network; they’ve built out a large road network stretching from Amboise and Adria down to Pavia. There are several landmarks like these along the road network built to this level of perfection, it’s really nice and very evocative of the rest of their build style. I always love seeing niche infrastructure projects like this and I’m looking forward to more across the server!

Featured Article

Orion was a country on Civcraft 2.0 focused on a democratic and capitalist system of government, with striking similarities to the United States government. The country was established at the start of the world in the middle of the northwest quadrant, and quickly became known as the most populous country on the server. Due to its easy access and low barriers to entry (which included a free plot for newfriends), the country saw several conflicts throughout its lifespan, including the raids from the Bloodcrew, Cuban Revolution, an secession crisis from Sennisten, one of the country’s borough.

Although the country had an anarchic build system, the country had several areas of cultural significance. The country had several notable builds, including the capitol (pictured), a grand train station connecting the CIC, and the Grand Olympic Stadium, playing host to the first known Olympics held on Civ servers, and inspiring future Olympics on CivClassic. Additionally, Cuban leader Farley50 lent his name to today’s Farley War, a term known for either a roleplay war between two parties or an event where players use weaker materials for fighting. Today, some of Orion’s players make up today’s Jorvik. (Full article)

This week’s featured picture is the Orion capitol, in its capital. Finally, the Featured Articles list no longer a list that Farley50 is not on.

Current Events

The Queen Banyough Statue in Lambat, in the Katipan district.

Estalia Drama

Pettier Drama (Yes, There’s More)

Please note some links in below block are NSFW. I know a lot of you readers read this on your phone on the way to work or whatever, so just keep an eye out.

Motivations on both sides are quite murky, with Cordobans playing the innocent card while demanding reparations for the attacks in poor faith, and Gang Shi accusing the country (NSFW) of being terrible people and insensitive. (NSFW). However, there have been general sentiments, especially among Alenarith citizens, that Cordoba is not as savory as many people think.

A ray of sunshine runs through the fields of the Bedford Commons in Pavia.

More CivMC Drama (it’s mostly not drama)

Around the Civ Community

The Fun Stuff

One of the Priderock Colossuses, along the sea near Pridelands.


Multimedia Projects



Whoops, there’s no ads this week! Nobody contacted me for a slot. I guess everyone was too occupried with the war. Please contact me at @specificlanguage#2891 if you’re looking to advertise in the newsletter.

The only update economically is that the price of iron/diamond is mostly staying relatively stable, with prices at CivMarket hovering around 14i/d.

Metagame Highlights

Statuesque Cry for Help

A fight between SEC/Gang Shi forces against Cordoban defense forces, as a result of the second fight Sunday evening, taken by Cissonius and BritishWanderer.

Thanks for reading the newsletter this week, I’m sure you’ve finished like 3 or 4 buckets of popcorn at this point so I hope you enjoyed it.

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