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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for February 13, 2023

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Good morning and happy belated Valentine’s Day from New England!

Of course, I can tell that nobody is spending time with their girlfriends with this Valentine’s Day because of all the server drama happening on the server right now. Either that or you’re all reeling from whatever Super Bowl happened. Ladies, good luck trying to suck your boyfriend away from the game, and if you’re reading this Kallos and EP, go touch some grass!

Ready for the news?

This week’s featured image is Quauhtli’n’Mia’s Ocean Trawler shop in Yoahtl. Yes, I know it’s another Yoathl image again but it’s too good that I can’t not highlight it. It’s a much different approach to a shop that I’ve usually seen and combined with the texture pack and the shaders, it all comes along in a great way. The foliage around naturally blends into the shop and it’s integrated well within the city streets, and it’s a great view.

Featured Article

The Imperial Mountain of Casson, abbreviated IMC, is a country founded by the former members of TKON and the old IMC on Devoted. While parts of the group initially played during Civcraft 3.0, the two groups merged forces in early 2017 as a raider group aiding Westeros before splintering and starting their nation north of The Commonwealth late in 2021. Eventually, the country became an international powerhouse, rapidly becoming a competitor in the XP market in the late months of the server.

The country was mainly split into the capital in old Hexcorp territory, as well as the Netherview claims in the far western edge of the map. Although the country was a heavily defense-oriented nation with claims and several vaults, diss tracks from member PercJackson were released with favorable responses. The country also maintained relations and continued cooperation from The Commonwealth and Wolken with continued defense initiatives. Today, members of the country continued on CivMC, initially founding a new iteration of their own country before joining forces with Titan Industries to become Gang Shi. (Full article…)

This week’s featured picture is the IMC’s Capital, Wilsontown, with views of the Goldenglow vault.

Current Events

Pacem’s latest tower viewed from the fields of the city.

No, TheJmqn, I’m not calling it the Purple War.

Greetings to Another War

Alright, so it’s time to do another breakdown…

Actually, that was much easier than I thought it was…

The neon signs outside the Fortunate Ronin Casino in Nara.

Around CivMC

Around CivRev/CivReign

The Fun Stuff

A view of the Pripyat from the canals below.


Multimedia Projects

Might as well call this section map projects at this point.


Totally Not Paid Endorsements

Metagame Highlights

Purplelicious Cry for Help

The reception party after the Iopian wedding.

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That should be it for this week! Until next time, non-valentiners…