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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for February 27, 2023

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Good morning and happy Monday from New England!

Another freezing Saturday for me means another weekend of staying in my room writing about 12-year olds on discord showing how much they ruined the community. From the CivReign launch to the massive implosion on CivMC, there’s plenty to talk about.

Quite an eventful weekend for everyone and lots to do around the Civ community means I will probably be as busy as ever. Maybe you should be expecting 20+ minute newsletters in the future? With an exponential amount of content it might be a bit overwhelming for readers.

For those viewing the newsletter on computers, you may also notice that the newsletter seems a bit wider, and that’s just to accommodate a larger space on your screen — it’s less New York Times-y and just fits a little more content in less space. It’s kind of needed with all of the content going forward so you’re not doomscrolling too much.

Alright, are you all ready for a really long newsletter?

This week’s featured picture is of Venne in the very south of Alenarith. While it’s abandoned now, it’s set to be the site of the boat race for Nara’s upcoming Olympics, with great architecture and a beautiful town square and ship, it still holds up to this day despite dwindling activity from the region. Sorry that it’s not a CivReign picture yet, they’re all still in povertycraft, but this is at least something a little different than the usual Pavia every two weeks! Great work, and even though it’s no longer in development, looking forward to what Venne will become.

Featured Article

FRIENDS was an alliance on CivClassic consisting of primarily of Holy Jaded Empire, Columbia, Rhodesia and Vitelia, among others, focused on mutual defense. Created following the failure of the Western Cooperative Union, the alliance mainly acted in opposition to SATO throughout the later half of 2018, creating a cold war-like environment throughout the server. Their competition came about due to alt-raider accusations and continued tensions with Yoahtl.

The alliance came into frequent conflict with SATO on numerous occasions. Throughout the latter months of 2018, SATO and FRIENDS engaged in soft-power warfare over nearby Mount Augusta, following raids from FRIENDS-affiliated fighters. A planned raid on Vitelia’s vault in 2019 forced the country to abandon the stronghold, with Mir and SATO forces taking the vault days later. A vault hole dug by Southshire was also griefed by Rhodesian raiders, resulting in international backlash and a resulting pearling of Capri. Following this incident, most FRIENDS countries pivoted to create the NATO alliance, lasting through the Infinity War.

This week’s featured article picture is a protest outside the Hjaltland Industries shop in Mount Augusta during the SATO-FRIENDS Cold War.

CivReign News

Laurentia’s capital on their build server, as they were planning for much of the week!

Thank god this isn’t a dead section, so CivReign people won’t downvote me!

Uncooperative Conditions

As everyone knows, the road to CivReign’s release was not quite as smooth as was advertised. Following an initial late January release date, the launch was delayed nearly a full month to February 17 with several delays eventually setting it back to the following Sunday, then to Monday, the 20th.

It Has Never Been More…Alive?

This is one of the starts of all time for a server that a week ago was barely ready to come out the door, so only time will tell whether it was worth the wait.

CivMC News

Warmia’s Zodiak Tavern, a cozy locale located in the heart of their territory.

Of course the CivReign launch was noisy but CivMC put up quite a ruckus this week too, don’t get me wrong…

The Color Purple

Following the Elysian Pact’s victory in [the not-really-a-war Purple War two weeks ago], Monday saw SPQR representative Antonius_Marcus post their sentencing and landclaim swaps. This ruffled quite a few feathers.

Reception among non-Elysian Pact nations have been generally negative. Although the above conditions were generally fine, many were displeased with the aggressive actions that resulted in the above.

There’s quite a lot of debate on that post, so I’m not going to attempt to summarize the rest but I’ve hit the main points of the debate at hand. It is completely up to you whether you will get yourself involved in drama or not.

The halls under the Great Thrall Clan, kind of fitting for rats travelling underground.

The Color White

Ok, well how about another detour?

Britisher continues to play on CivReign in Laurentia.

Every Other Color on the Map

Have we had enough drama on the server yet? Maybe I should stop summarizing every long post on the subreddit because it just gets worse the more I say…

The Fun Stuff

An overhead view of the Pavian Crownlands from the Lucassio Tower, taken by ArtificialDriver.


A little quieter on the builds front this week, mostly due to planning this week and other information

Multimedia Projects


Metagame Highlights

Non-Civ Content

I’m adding this small section as a little of a palate cleanser from all of the Civ content and to motivate everyone a little bit harder to touch grass. I did this before, you know!; feel free to reach out to me if you wanted to add any random thing you’re passionate about here.

”The Newsletter Has Never Been More Over”

A beautiful handrawn map from Henderwicz showcasing all the highlights of Shiroyama, Nara! (CivMC)

Phew! What a newsletter. Thanks for reading week number 41 of the newsletter! Only 11 more weeks until BritishWanderer gives me his present…

I want to remind people that even though there are two popular servers within the Civ community right now, that you guys should not make this a competition between servers, or have cross-server drama between the servers. I find it perfectly OK and it’s not productive for the Civ community to trash one server over another — it just depletes the quality of Civ in the long run and nobody wants that. This newsletter’s goal is to bring the Civ community together and keep everyone informed, competing over Civ servers makes that goal worse.

Finally, the usual:

If you’re not sure what to write, feel free to reach out and we can talk about what we can. It’s a great place to develop your lore!

Alright, that should be it from me. Thanks for reading, and I will see you all next week in March! (or I guess in CivReign days, February 35th…)

And of course…