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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for March 6, 2023

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Good morning and happy Spring Break from New England!

Yes, that’s right, I’ve suddenly been struck with a case of “vacation”; some might say this is a much earlier spring break than what you’d usually have but I would say, “yeah, you’re completely right, this is way too early for spring break isn’t not even spring yet”.

I’m not even writing this while I’m home, I’m currently in a car driving in the backseat finishing this newsletter, so thanks for all the nuisance everyone! This is now the longest newsletter by length, surpassing December 5th as the longest (that one was long because of the Speedy Coup, if y’all remember!)

Are we ready for (now) the longest newsletter to date, and probably will be for a while?

This week’s featured image is of the Rusty Bucket in Norlund on CivReign. A quiet little tavern built by NeoTide, it’s a cozy haven for tired and lonely newfriends looking for shelter. Plus, with Brewery getting released on CivReign soon (fingers crossed, Rekt) it’s going to be a great place to get your drunken wares. Probably one of the best builds on the server so far with the limited block selection and slow progression, I really have to commend NeoTide for pulling this off. Can’t wait to see what other builds we have!

Featured Article

This week’s featured article was written by Metriximor.

Lusitania’s iteration on CivClassic 2.0 was founded in September 2017 and located in the northwestern quadrant, on a small piece of land carved out of former Impasse land, with a name inspired by the Book of the Lusiads and a government loosely based on that of the United Kingdom. At first it was a two-man nation, with random periods of high activity during the Somber War, slowly growing and building new projects. By the end of 2020, it had grown into a fairly large community of people of all nationalities (mostly Portuguese), which continued to grow until the end of CivClassic 2.0, through the Infinity War, with a small part in defending the city during the Battle of Lusitania.

With a foreign policy of pacifism, it gained many friends and allies such as Lambat that still exist today, and a focus on producing “culture”, Lusitania was home to beautiful buildings like the Palácio D’Ouro, the Veneto Palace, a replica of a Portuguese Caravel, the great Centum Cellas Cathedral, great wine, lots of high quality Civball art, maps, an overland railway, and of course sunny beaches by the Medi Sea. Today, a new iteration of Lusitania exists on CivMC.

This week’s featured image picture is an overhead picture of the city of Portucale on CivClassic, taken by RektTangle.

CivMC News

A render of Cortesia del Mar, on CivMC, taken by Yodabird.

The main servers will be flip-flopping slots each week, so this week it’s CivMC’s turn to go first. What a week for them to be first.

Friendly Neighbors

”CivMC don’t cause a drama spit that results in an extremely long newsletter writeup” challenge, literally impossible

The Onset

Early in the week, Edius made a claims post, which happened to be overclaiming Grand Imperium. Of course, this would normally be a “they’re going to settle this on their own” situation. Many were confused by these events.

The Gang Shi response (and even general sentiment) was a little skeptical about the actual activity of the country. Oceanstar, the leader of Edius, was rather apologetic as she had not been aware of Grand Imperium territory at the time, and only decided after surveying that the land had been abandoned.

Ths single windmill in Mons, Grand Imperium. This is what they were fighting over, just letting you know.

The Reaction

So most of the argument has already been laid out and the next few posts only are the same points but again:

So finally, the post made by Wilson on Thursday was claiming Gang Shi had only been trying to help all along.

The Fallout

Eventually, Gang Shi gave up permissions on the vault hole in Grand Imperium. Gang Shi leadership reached out to me (or rather, Gjum reached out to them who communicated to me) with this note:

Gang Shi says no further action[s] will be taken in Grand Imperium so long as status quo is maintained and Oceanstar remains free, and they have no interest in claiming/pearling/interacting with Grand Imperium as a whole, and will leave negotiating borders to Grand Imperium and Edius, so long as they stay diplomatic. They also note that attoprak has reached out privately and wanted to hold a forum in Commonwealth that Gang Shi refuses to attend. We looks forward to putting this overblown situation finally to bed.

As a side note, Commonwealth agreed to the talks only if Gang Shi agreed as well, which they did not.

Late on Sunday night, m3ee, the leader of Bing Chilling that’s a part of Grand Imperium, wrote a long post seceding from the country. It gave some important context for those unknown to the situation (me)

I think that’s all I can say about this. At least one thing I can say about this iteration: people don’t seem to realize diplomacy is an option.

Around the Horn

Pavia’s skyline with the silhouette of the Town Hall in the background. Taken by Jezza. Totally didn’t include this for any other reason below!

I’ve learned by now that I should not analyze in depth for drama for things that aren’t concrete yet. Anyway…

Eastern Affairs

Western Affairs

Administrative News

Several longstanding issues from HiddenOre and RandomSpawn were fixed this past week on CivMC, especially considering that ComradePotatoe made a surprise appearnace in the RandomSpawn config and literally nobody noticed that was the reason it was borked.

This was a much shorter summary of events on CivMC than I’d usually expect but I guess the whole Grand Imperium thing really took a toll on people and nobody wanted to post a lot about it.

CivReign News

The CCTT on CivReign, and it’s *totally* not what every country currently looks like at the moment on the server.

Scarcity and Polarization

Much of the news surrounded the general scarcity of the server. And people are being really toxic about it:

I think a lot of this has to do with the slower progression on CivReign, — considering we haven’t gotten a CivRealms-like iteration in a while, people aren’t quite used to that yet. I personally don’t think it’s the Dark Souls of Civ, but I do understand that a lot of hype was built up for something that feels really grindy. I know some hope that the faster progression after steel may bring people back once it’s easy to make it.

Although, a 20-day growth time for saplings for optimal biomes is actually absurd. Come on guys.

This nicely segues into…

Continued Administrative Updates

Admins have been continually integrating feedback into their changes to bring people back from their slow launch. If the admins won’t provide a succinct changelog of the hottest changes, I will!

This last update might have been due to…

Around the Horn

I haven’t been able to get that much news from CivReign nations, most of this was based on either their public announcements channel and one conversation in CivReign #general and I don’t really like that. It’s definitely just early server days.

Everything Else

Griffin’s recent builds in Adria, it’s honestly a last minute addition but it looks so good!

Other Servers

Metagame Highlights

The Fun Stuff

”Some town in the south of Mount Augusta”, per Gobblin. It’s definitely not Doom City.


And now the featured images:

Multimedia Projects


At this point, I’m only doing the ones that actually made me chuckle (and that’s a high bar) instead of putting every single meme that was posted because quite literally everyone posted a meme on any subreddit this week

Non-Civ Content

Please touch some grass guys, we only have so much time in this world

Longposting Cry for Help

A picture of Princess Bow releasing 13 lanterns in commemoration of International Women’s Day. Read more about it here.

Thanks for reading the magic number 42nd newsletter, and as of now the longest edition of the newsletter! I have to stop summarizing every drama as verbosely as possible. I probqbly missed something too. It didn’t help that everyone’s officially mad at everyone this week on Civ so that’s pretty cool. Anyway…

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Thanks to Metriximor for giving up his gracious time writing this week’s featured article! He did a great job even though he really thinks he’s a terrible writer. Thanks also to Gjum, Red_Steel, JuniorTide, GamerTime and Cortwade for assistance, especially Gjum who has been my consulting guru.

Now if you want to help make this newsletter as long as it possibly can:

I’m thinking about starting a Civ images competition akin to Pavia’s, with the newsletter contributors all being judges as we arrive towards the first year of this newsletter’s creation (and 1 year of CivMC’s creation.) Would be a nice way to cap off the year.

Ok everyone, I believe that’s all we have for this week of drama on Civ. As always…