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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for March 20, 2023

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Good morning and happy belated St. Patty’s Day from New England!

I’ve lost my sleep schedule this week not because of the partying around me but just because it’s been a stressful week and I’ve been playing stupid stuff that isn’t called Civ lately. There’s a lot going on in my life right now and somehow I still find the time to put in 4 hours a week to make this newsletter, so I guess that’s pretty cool don’t you think?

I still find it impressive that I’m keeping up in the Civ community despite not having played regularly since early September, so I guess it’s nice to have an unbiased view of the world since then?

Alright, then let’s look at the news.

This week’s featured image is Gâí’ádôr’s capital Vâlêmýth. If you don’t recognize that name, you might more easily recognize it by West Virginia (no relation to Ohio). As many of you know on CivReign, the seasons change globally which means that a lot of the textures change and make things a little more beautiful every single change. By year two, people have started getting used to the seasonal change and the scarcity and have adapted their build styles to make something amazing like this. Great work from these guys and looking forward to more in the future!

Featured Article

The New Danzilonan Civil War was a political struggle for power in New Danzilona on Civcraft 2.0. In Danzilona’s previous iteration, the country was an agrarian, socialist, and democratic nation, which followed onto their second iteration. However, when an NDZ monarchist leader, neodan99 attempted to make a town within the Danzilonan Federation. This triggered a socialist counter-revolt by Lowtuff and Gant2000, taking control of the capital, Melonwood.

Over the next few years until the end of Civcraft 2.0, Dan made several attempts to bring the monarchy to power, including writing bills that attempted to bring multiple people to power. Following the monarchist and socialist truce during the Riverford War and the Aeginan independence movement. Socialists eventually won out when Des23 introduced a bill that brought “full communism” to New Danzilona. While a short-lived second phase of the civil war occurred, New Danzilona’s successor, Nova Danzilona, became communist in Civcraft 3.0. Full article…

This week’s featured article picture is the Socialist leader Des23 seen cooperating with Monarchist leader neondan99 during the Riverford War truce.

CivMC News

A view of Pioneer Village (and the surrounding area) in Lambat, made by AKJanklin. I can see my “house” from here!

For the first time in a while, CivMC news was actually extremely quiet this week. Is that a problem? Who knows?

CivReign News

The wheat farm in Laurentia at Calenardhon along a very sweeping landscape through the mountainous forest.

Everything Else

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Metagame Highlights

The Fun Stuff

The Coronation Hall in Regentsburgh on a dark snowy evening in the Imperial Federation.


And the featured images…

Multimedia Projects


Non-Civ Content

Succinct Cry for Help

A small portion of Nara’s illustrated map created by Henderwicz.

Thanks for reading newsletter number 45! Only 24 more weeks until I quit!

It’s honestly really showing how many times I’ve been doing this, especially since that I actually proposed not one, but two articles that were already featured to be featured, so my memory is not doing very well…

Thanks to Gjum, Thraldrek, Hoover (I’m hooving!!!), and everyone else who helped with the newsletter this week!

I believe that’s it, see you next week! And as always…