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CivWiki Newsletter for April 2, 2024

• specificlanguage

Good morning and happy April 2nd from New England!

I hope you all enjoyed a way too high effort April Fools joke yesterday, which is literally just actual news. Mayhaps a proper IRL news newsletter could happen once I’m finished with this one?

In the meantime though, we’re back to doing the normal news about Civ that we all know and love, with no real expectations from me and all the expectations from you, but hopefully there’s enough fun things in here that it takes your mind off whatever’s going wrong in the world.

Are we ready for the news?

This week’s actual featured image is still Icenia — more specifically on its North Side with a collection of newly renovated high rises, especially with the Monument Group (formerly Bank of Icenia) taking center stage in the photo. Great to see some new buildings come up and these vacant skyscrapers finally seeing service!

Featured Article

The Valex Corporation was a consultancy company on Civcraft 2.0. Founded from refugees from SPQR, the company was uniquely founded as a company but acted like a country that held territory. Within a few months of its founding, it gained mass revenue through material sales, but quickly switched their focus to investments. The country was a member of the North Eastern Alliance, bordering neighboring Iria.

Their capital, Remnant, was a cyberpunk-themed nation with a layer-like structure, inspired by dystopias like Blade Runner. Their pioneering shareholder system allowed any shareholder to a dividend in their revenue, and the company obtains profit through plot sales as well as consultancy services for developing nations. Although their CEO, Logic_Man still plays today in Mount Augusta, their company’s structure has been lifted into other Civ-based companies in CivMC such as the Gabon Corporation and the Monument Group.

This week’s featured article image is of Remnant at night.

The News

The pyramid walls at the Xolotl Temple in Q’barra, Nara.

Longer News

Not-So-Longer News

Server Happenings

The Fun Stuff

New Callisto’s market, in the Imperial Federation.


Cool Content

Obvious April Fools Jokes


Non-Civ Content

For the sake of keeping this newsletter shorter, I think you better look at the April Fools’ newsletter instead this week.

Poll of the Week

Get ready, because we’re doing two poll segments…

Last week’s poll had 61 responses.

Our first question had to do with whether you want an ore weekend, specifically last weekend.

Yeah, this was like, an April Fools joke ahead of the actual April Fools joke, I literally did this to gaslight RedDevel into doing something but hey, at least it actually worked lmao Can you tell I’m running out of questions to ask?

Our other question has to do with what kinds of games people play outside of Civ.

The high number of people that pretty much exclusively play Minecraft for Civ is so high, like abnormally high for something where you need to know tribal knowledge about a game on top of tribal knowledge about a game. To be fair, this game does take up a lot of mental space and admittedly I do play a lot of Hearthstone in my free time, so I guess that’s fair.

Among some responses I got:

JUST minecraft is boring, have to have some other simulting my brain which isnt blocks

After playing things like anarchy and civ exclusively since 2016, I’ve recently been trying to reconnect with casual single player / smp type gameplay… It’s been a long time since Minecraft hasn’t been… oddly stressful to play

Everyone who plays grand strategy games are either tankies or unhinged monarchists and I’m tankies.

CivMC completely ruined my enjoyment of Minecraft in general.

Bunkies brings people together <3

I play warthunder and leak classified documents online

The Other Poll of the Week

For the sake of transparency, here’s the results for the poll for the April Fools’ edition, cause why the hell not, I don’t want to collect data for nothing. There were 41 responses in yesterday’s poll.

The first question: Do you sneeze?

This question is a reference to a vlogbrothers/Dear Hank and John bit, where there is some doctor for a listener that professes she never sneezes. So it’s clear about half of you either actually never sneezes, or is in on the joke.

The second question: How many books do you read a year?

Interesting to see there’s a lot of people that actually read a lot of books, especially considering a lot of people don’t read for classes as well. Glad to see there are at least some well-versed people who read this newsletter.

The third question: How much do you read the news?

There was an error with this question where there’s checkboxes, but it’s interesting to see that most people are generally keeping up with the news in general, with a small minority being outside. I’m not going to do too much analysis here, but it’s at least cool to see at least people are generally well versed.

Voting Time

The first question is a little unique: only check one checkbox per category.

Please note that all information submitted is anonymous. A red star (
) means that this question is required to submit.
How much do you think the following features/aspects of Civ have improved since the start of the server (two years ago)?
Select all that are applicable.
Did you like the 'real life newsletter' newsletter for April Fools?
What monuments/structures/cities would you consider as a 'Wonder of CivMC'? (Feel free to type more than one answer!)

Hopefully for this last question, this may be for this round, I’ll gather some responses, and use the best ones for next week!

As a note, I’ll also read responses from what you’ve think improved in the open response section.

Actually Not April Fools Cry for Help

Thanks for dealing with this week’s newsletter — hope it wasn’t too much hassle! A big thanks to Gjum, Shadowvdark, and hkl for entertaining me through this and another big thanks to iinkuu and butter_villager for graciously sharing some of their IRL art pieces.

As always, if you’re interesting in contributing to this newsletter, please reach out to me @specificlanguage and I can probably find something for you to do.

There’s not much to say this time around, so I think that’s all from me and I’ll see you all next week, until then…