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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for May 22, 2023

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Good morning and happy Monday from New England! A bit shorter of an introduction today because there’s not much to this newsletter anyway, but it’s good to have it regardless.

As an FYI, I’m taking a short pause from the newsletter for a while, as I’m going on vacation after graduating school. You might see a shortened newsletter like you’ve seen in the first few weeks, or just nothing at all. I just need some time to rest and also not work non-stop like I have been for the past year and a half now.

Regardless, it’s a beautiful Monday for Civ! Are we ready for the news?!

This week’s featured image is Pioneer Village in Lambat City. Yeah, I guess I did highlight this before when I was running out of time, but this is because Kaprediem is semi-departing Civ so I did want to highlight a place that he’s played a part in over time. Lambat isn’t just its capital city, there’s a great mall and urban area in its western part and plays host to a lot of beautiful infrastructure rails, and buildings all across its territory from Katipan and New September. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a big shader screenshot of anything else in time, but it’s a nice remembrance of Kapre’s legacy here.

Featured Article

Varkonia’s iteration on CivClassic 2.0 was a country focused on foreign security and internal builds. Founded following the Somber War in 2018, they initially overclaimed territory held by Alpoko. Following the resolution of those claims, they eventually merged and incorporated Gabon into its territory. They became one of the major countries in the creation of the United Northern Congress (UNC), an alliance that stretched much of the major nations in the northern half of the server. However, following incidents in Mount Augusta and the Infinity War’s outbreak, the UNC fell apart and instead formed the Entente among other allies which fought against NATO.

The country had a robust constitution, legal system and law structures. Although a constitutional monarchy, the country’s senate proposed nearly 200 bills. The country was also known for its massive builds; the country’s signature tower at their town hall granted them entry into the Order of St. Marcus a few weeks after the country’s inception. Varkanos, the country’s namesake, was also known for posting elaborate memes based on movies on the r/CivClassic subreddit. Varkonia were also known for seamlessly adding defense systems, including vault construction, despite the high build quality of their own country. Today, many Varkonians are part of Volterra, while many Gabonians are part of Pavia. (Full article…)

This week’s featured image is Varkonia City as seen in 2019, taken by Mickale.

The News

Regents Row in Imperia, the capital of (what else) the Imperial Federation. I’ve been waiting to show this picture for a LOONG time and I’m so glad it’s finally on live.

A much shorter week for news, fortunately.


Metagame/Other Servers

The Fun Stuff

SlothInASuit’s floating airship over the sea. He’s built a few before, but this one’s really impressive with the sails’ shapes.


Cool Content


Non-Civ Content

If you’re wondering why I have this section anyway, it’s nice to at least say what I did with myself this week and also I need to find something to entertain myself while writing this newsletter…

Poll of the Week

This is something new that Xcios has suggested as part of our newsletter. Each week, I’ll release a poll and you can respond, with the responses shown next week. It’s pretty casual, all things considered, don’t take it too seriously. This poll does not record any personal or in-game information.

As it’s the first one with the polls, we’re going to do a couple of polls and see how it goes. This week’s questions are:

  • Did CivClassic end too early?
  • What kinds of featured article would you like to see?
  • Would you like to see more polls in the future?

Click this link to respond to these questions.

Feel free to discuss these questions in the comments on Reddit!

In the future, to better accommodate these polls, a new layout which could involve a small React/Javascript/Firebase implementation may be coming in the future, stay tuned! (If I could finish this project…)

Intermission Cry for Help

Unfortunately after this epic 53-week streak, I’m going to be taking a little break from the newsletter from a couple weeks. Although it’s partially for burnout reasons, it’s mostly because I need a break from working non-stop over the past year, not just writing. I’m still going to rotate the featured articles on CivWiki the next couple of weeks regardless, and make a really short version of the newsletter on the Current Events section. Maybe I’ll post that instead and go back to a very simplified form of the newsletter so I can just phone it in these next couple of weeks.

I’ll be back for June 12, but if I don’t return I promise I’ll let you know. I’m sure I’m going to miss several spurts of drama, but who cares about that anyway. I might quit for all you care, why the fuck not.

I’m hoping to at least do newsletters semi-regularly out to a certain funny number at least 16 numbers away, so if we get to that point, I think I’d call it quits for sure.

Thanks to nobody this week, I actually wrote this one all myself. To be fair, it didn’t really require too much proofreading this week.

I’m going to extend the deadline for the Picture Competition until June 12. Get your pictures and builds in for the anniversary of CivMC!! You can also upload things you’ve built so far.

And as always…