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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for June 13, 2022

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Good Monday Morning from New England. Hope everyone’s had a nice weekend and now it’s back to the grind of waiting in the queue, again. A little quieting down this week, but it’s starting to get juicy. Nobody will actually care but I took a tour around the server and many nations are building up quickly, whether its their landmark building in Pavia, expansive citygrid in Mount Augusta, large farms in Icenia or rail stations in Lambat, ambitions are running high everywhere. Let’s look at this week’s news:

Current Events

Today’s featured image is a decorative map of the nations surrounding the Lyrean Sea, produced by u/hitobashuru and the Pavian Bureau of Semiography.

The Inevitable First Conflicts

The Western Jungle Scuffle

The Fempire Incident

Leader Changes

High Quality Maps

High Quality Posts

High Quality Shitposts

Around the Bend

Featured Article (Reddit)

This article was submitted by Des23.

Today’s featured picture are team logos for Season Two of the NDZHL.

The New Danzilona Hockey League (NDZHL) was a Minecraft hockey league active on Civcraft 2.0. The league pioneered the spread of hockey and regular organised sports on Civ servers. The league and Minecraft hockey was created by New Danzilona citizen RoarkLeSkif, who was head of the league from its creation until his resignation during its second season. The NDZHL was not only important in developing a distinct Danzilonan identity, but it also had positive and negative effects between is competing nations, as well as just being fun. Teams hailed from a multitude of nations, including Mount Augusta, Little Latvia and Orion, with creative team names for each. Although hockey continued to be played in Civcraft 3.0 and occasionally in Civclassic 2.0 in Provincia, a formal hockey league has yet to be revived since its creation. (Full article…)

Yet Another Cry for Help

Oh boy, time for another call for submissions! If you’ve read everything and are still stuck waiting in queue, or have literally nothing left to do in your nation, why not submit an article, piece of text, or anything for Monday Mornings!

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