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CivWiki Newsletter for June 27, 2022

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Happy Monday Morning from New England!

Editor’s Note

This week’s featured image is the Pavian Town Hall, opened last week by Pavian Crown Prince BritishWanderer II.

Last week after some constructive criticism from many people, I’ve decided to make a few changes.

You may also noticed there is a visual Markdown version of this newsletter this week. This allows me to better pace the content and to incorporate more of the amazing screenshots posted on Reddit that nobody gets to see. At the moment, this is a temporary measure; I’m exploring ways to make this more accessible like the Pavia Tribune or the Wikipedia Signpost.

I’ve gotten a lot of support for writing these newsletters every week, and so many people I’ve talked to are so appreciative of the newsletter every week, and I am absolutely grateful for all your support.

Featured Article

a render of the skyline of Downtown MtA in CivClassic

This week’s featured article was co-written by u/Yodabird19, u/tvman2, and u/morsden67 (specificlanguage), and this week’s image is a render of the skyline of Downtown Mount Augusta in CivClassic by u/jasonbord.

Mount Augusta’s iteration on CivClassic 2.0 was a large city state centered around democracy, legalism and limited government. After its initial stint near Tierra de Conciencia the country settled near The Commonwealth and became a populous center of activity near the middle of the map. The city played a major role in the start of the NATO-Mir War, or Infinity War and had ten mayors over the server’s lifespan.

The city was also an economic and cultural capital of the server; the Maester Alliance, a bookkeeping organization, and the Order of St. Marcus had its headquarters in Shardore Tower Library. The Augustan Trade Center and nearby Mount Augusta Mall had numerous local and international shops, and the city organized and held the Fourth Olympics on the server.

The city had many distinct districts which also became its own territories, such as South Augusta, Sealand, Insula, and the Union of Socialist Augusta. The city collapsed after players migrated over to a new iteration in CivRealms 2.0, while much of its territory was inherited by Mount September.

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Current Events

A view of Mount Augusta

This section’s header image is a view of the Joja Cafe, on the central canal in Mount Augusta, taken by u/CutePastelStars.

Oh boy, do we have a lot this week. Get your pants and comment section ready.

Updates from Kū & Estalia

Updates from Mount Augusta

Poortea Stuff Again, Letting Him Get More Attention Again

An Attempted Coup in KOEL


Administration Stuff

Everything Else

The Fun Stuff

Icenia's canals in the morning, taken by u/griffinht.

This section’s header image is Jah Park in Icenia, a growing central district for Icenia City, taken by u/charlieseeese.

The Cool Stuff

The Good Poopposts

I’m only highlighting Estaliaposts that are relatively high quality or just funny

Everything Else (Newswise)

The Increasingly Cliche Cry For Help

A Civball mural of Southshire's allies

This section’s header image is a Civball mural of Southshire’s allies, made by u/Eddiison2013.

Thanks for reading.

If you don’t know, I make these Monday Newsletters every week, by myself, nearly from scratch, with the only things that have been pre-made are the templates for CivWiki and featured article submissions. All reporting is independently done, and articles are chosen by me. Constructive criticism is welcomed and encouraged.

I’m so glad to appreciate support from so many of you and I’m glad that many people around the Civ community read these procrastinated writeups.

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Thank you everyone, it’s only like the 6th issue of this newsletter but I am so happy it’s getting all the support it’s getting over the past month and a half. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading.

And as always, EDIT CIVWIKI