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A semi-weekly newsletter for Civ servers supported by the CivWiki

CivWiki Newsletter for June 17, 2024

Good morning and happy Monday from the Pacific Northwest! Hope everyone's had a great week, I certainly had a great week in California, but now I'm going to be in the PNW for the foreseeable future. Newsletters might slow down a little bit due to my schedule, as well as having to settle my own personal life, but I'm sure I'll find a way. Speaking of which, I'm glad this was a nice and quiet week for everyone -- I don't think I could handle ...

13 min read

CivWiki Newsletter for June 10, 2024

Good morning and happy Pride Month from California! Wait a second... that doesn't look right.... For realsies though, I'm now on the West Coast, and staying here now. It's actually over for newsletter cels in Europe. As a result of moving on the West Coast, the publishing schedule is going to change quite a bit. If you're an early reader next week, you'll notice that the newsletter is extremely early than usual, especially for this amount o...

18 min read

CivWiki Newsletter for June 3, 2024

Good morning and after the CivMC anniversary! I hope everyone had an enjoyable time on the server yesterday (whoever joined to crash the server!) and got their commemorative items for everyone. A hearty welcome to all the new players who will be arriving this summer, hopefully this newsletter will keep you and everyone else up to date on what's going on in other parts of the world, not just those in your own backyard! With that,...

16 min read

CivWiki Newsletter for May 27, 2024

Good morning and happy Memorial Day from New England! As summer starts up again, it is not a far-fetched view to say that we're going to see new players, stronger activity, and possibly more drama within the next couple of months. I hope that this will continue to cover everything as we keep rolling along through these newsletters. A side note though: my in-game presence will start to become severely limited in the next couple of weeks, but...

16 min read

CivWiki Newsletter for May 20, 2024

Good morning and happy anniversary (for real this time!) from New England! Even as Minecraft celebrates its 15th anniversary, this newsletter is celebrating its 2nd! Sure, it may have only been like 30 newsletters since the 52-week flurry last year, but I did take some weeks off as you know. I will be honest, the Minecraft anniversary came as a surprise, as I don't think people really remember when years for such a long running game like Min...

19 min read

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