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CivWiki Newsletter for July 4, 2022

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Good morning from the place where the shot was heard round the world, and happy Independence Day for those in the United States!

Thanks to all the wonderful feedback about the visual writeup, it’s now a permanent feature, and the text-only will be discontinued. Eventually these will be moved to a full website or on CivWiki in the future, but for now, I’m hosting them on HackMD.

Today’s currently featured image is the Sauron Eye, built by reffelruz from The Commonwealth on Petrichor territory. It’s a reference to the End Citadel on CivClassics, a fortress that Peter5930 built while imprisoned by Lexington in the End. It’s a reminder to many about the history surrounding the server and a great monument of the now ever-present King Peter in Commonewalth.

Anyway, it’s time to do the newsletter.

Featured Article

An overhead render of Pacem's city in CivClassic, taken by Captain_Klutz

The Free City of Pacem, or simply Pacem is a nation on CivClassic and CivMC, founded on June 12, 2017. The city-state is focused on commerce, culture and diplomacy on its CivClassic iteration. Its city was widely known for its expansive Art Deco and Beaux Arts architecture reminiscent of a 1920s-era New York City. Originally a city-state, the country became an autonomous state of nearby Yoahtl between May 2019 and February 2020.

Many of the city’s landmarks in CivClassic are named and inspired by Classical Liberal thinkers, including the Ayn Rand Opera House, the Frederic Bastiat Bridge, and the Herbert Spencer Tower. The city also housed the Hayek Market District and played host to a vibrant economy providing many XP material shops and architecture firms throughout the city. Pacem also was the headquarters of the Liberty Gazette, a classical newspaper highlighting major domestic and international events. Today, the country exists on CivMC, hoping to exceed the level of building that was present in their previous state on CivClassic. (Full article…)

This week’s featured picture is an overhead render of Pacem created by Captain_Klutz, taken near the end of CivClassic’s lifespan.

Current Events

A secret garden nestled in the streets of Nara

This section’s featured picture is a small hidden garden within the streets of Nara, taken by Bronnakus.

It looks like everyone unloaded their drama last week so thank god there’s even less this week, you may notice I am grasping harder for straws this week.

Alliance Building

Gatherings & Announcements

Pearls & Goosechases

Odds & Ends

The Fun Stuff

The Citadel of Samchester, a planned build in Southshire.

This section’s header picture is the currently planned citadel in Samchester, the winning entry of the Build category in the Petrichor Summer Arts festival.

On the brighter side, a lot of good quality posts were posted this week so this section is much larger than I expected.

”This is good…”

”…but I like this”

The Other Non-Gameplay Highlights

Even though Technoblade was only tangentially part of the community through PvP, I think it really inspired a lot of people in the community to either get into Minecraft again and touched many lives in the Civ community. My first video of his I watched was him winning Minecraft Mondays with Jschlatt, and it was most stupid fun I’ve ever had. Just had to give an honorable mention for him since it would be remiss to not mention it.

Sappy stuff aside, and speaking of YouTube…

The Last Stuff and the Cry for Help

An illustrated map of Pavia, created by Hitobashuru.

This section’s header picture is an illustrated map of Pavia created by Hitobashuru, the winning entry of the Illustration category of the Petrichor Summer Arts Festival.

Thanks for reading this week’s Monday Newsletter. I’ll try and keep it short this week: If you want to see your own features in this post, including featured articles, current events, and anything else (including ads, opinion posts, joke posts, etc.), then look no further than this Google Form below.

This week, contributions were made by Shtim (Pacem), SpacemanSpleef (Hyperborean Confederation), and Zeldrin (HTE) for their contributions this week. Thanks to them for their articles and current events!

Additionally, if you want to put more information about your nation to potentially use it for advertisement for later, why not edit CivWiki? It’s a great place to practice your writing skills and you might see your article on this list. After all, this newsletter wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for CivWiki, surprisingly.

Thanks for reading, and as always…