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CivWiki Newsletter for July 8, 2024

• specificlanguage

Good morning and happy Monday from the Pacific Northwest!

If this week seems a little rushed, it probably is, as I’ve got a lot going on in my life this week. But hopefully I’m going to deliver you a good enough newsletter, there’s a lot of crazy stuff that happened this past week, and no we’re not talking about that election, we’re talking about the other one.

Are we ready to talk news?

Fun fact, last week was very unceremoniously the 100th newsletter. I didn’t even realize until I counted just yesterday. And look at me, I’m doing absolutely nothing to celebrate it, not to mention even reusing a featured article that week! I don’t even have anything to celebrate the newsletter turning 100, though.

This week’s featured image is a shot at the main capitol in Danzilona. It’s one of the oldest builds on the server (that isn’t highly publicized), and I love the small, old-version feel of Danzilona, it’s very nostalgic in a way. If you think they aren’t active anymore, you’d be dead wrong. On my visit here I had so many people around and saying “hi”, even in late night West Coast timezones. It’s such a wonderful place and I always have a great time visiting. Can’t wait to come back.

Featured Article

This week’s featured article was written by dcruzy.

The Industrial Workers of the World (commonly referred to as the IWW) was an organization of leftist nations on Civrealms on the northern continent of Napistan. Founded after a union between the nations of Vescau and Tolstoy on January 23, 2020, the IWW would expand throughout Napistan with the formation of new communes and groups joining their ranks. There was no definite central government as the communes would exercise great control over their lands.

Despite its anarchical structure at first, the IWW would slowly become more centralized throughout its existence, resulting in civil conflicts. Regardless, the nation would see great growth in cities such as Bremerhaven and Tolstoy among others. This was helped by their isolated location to the rest of the map, which resulted in minimal involvement in conflict, with the only notable being the May Day Invasion and the First Hell War. Tensions with neighbor Duckapore would later lead to a crisis, resulting in the secession of the Three Cities and Bremerhaven and eventually the dissolution of the IWW with its remnants being formed into the Borealian Socialist Republic on the 18 of August 2020.

This week’s featured article image is of IWW fighters following their occupation of Tenochtitlan, Bobanga.

This Week In Civ

On the week of July 8 - July 14 in:

2015 (written by Akiyama64):

To be honest, if you want a good slice of Civcraft history, these are awesome, especially this week’s.





VEC Incorporated’s International Launch!

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The News

Vought Tower in Icenia, a replica from the skyscraper shown in The Boys (cr: Dr_Bacon_Hair).

Ice Cracks

On July 3, a stern message was sent out to the CivMC announcements channel from SoundTech:

This was shortly followed by several Icenians leaving CivMC discord.

Three Drama on the Same Day

These three aren’t associated with each other, but they annoyed me and many others on the same day, so that’s it.

General Happenings

Part of Yoahtl’s Olympic Complex, the Pinecone (cr: x1025). oh wait the Olympics are two weeks from now aaaah!!

Other Important Things to Know

Too Many Elections

The Alliance Graph Gets Worse

Other Potential Notables

Metagame Highlights

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The Fun Stuff

Adria, at a new look along the pier (cr: Seekinq)


Cool Content

Non-Civ Content

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Poll of the Week

Groveheart’s large expanse throughout the rolling hills. (cr: Gidein)

Last week, we had 291 responses*, almost tripling the previous record for the most responses a newsletter poll has had (previously, the record was 103, around this time last year.)

*(at the time of writing, as of Sunday night, when the normal newsletter cutoff is)

Nation Census

Please take this graph with a grain of salt, as it mostly only carries active players who frequently metagame or read Discord/Reddit pings. Not to mention it got spammed, too…

This poll was spammed a lot by me to get as many responses as possible, but it also was subject to spammy votes. On Sunday, there were a surge of votes for both Icenia and something called the Nebulan Republic that was unlike the voting pace that had been been established throughout the week and on Saturday. I check the number of responses regularly, too you know.

As a result, I removed (hopefully most of the) fraudulent votes and brought it down to a reasonable number. Icenian elections rarely, if ever had over 60 votes, so I doubt the original number I got was actually correct.

Some people treated this question as a competition, when it was like, bro who cares.

Now, from previous polls, we knew that the Imperial Federation carried large numbers, and Icenia has had pretty active elections, so both numbers being this high (despite one of them being an iffy statistic) are kind of reasonable.

Some of the usual suspects round out the 10+ nations, Pavia, Nara, Mount Augusta, Volterra, Yoahtl. Mercutio is high up there as Reggio, a territory of Mercutio, has a large population as well. Truidencia is also a surprise to see that high. I’m not sure if Eldoria has quite that many people, so it may be overrepresented here. There were over 50 unique nation-level responses. If you’d like to know how your nation did and it was not present on the map, please DM me and I will get back to you when I can.

If I were to do this poll over again, it would be in a non-casual setting like on a proper Google Form, as there’s very much a need to verify responses; because my policy on newsletter polls is to never collect personal or Civ-identifying data, doing a nation census in a setting like this is going to yield pretty inaccurate results.

Thanks to for the color codes for the countries. Tried to keep them according to country flags, but if it’s wrong, oh well.


To deliberately inject a positive spin in the newsletter, I added this question on last week’s poll at the last minute. Oh boy, were there a lot of compliments to search through.

If you’ve received a compliment, you’ll be receiving it privately from me in a couple of days. Just a bit busy right now.

Now, I’m not disclosing compliments sent to individuals, since I don’t have their permission (yet). Before we go look at some compliments for the whole community, a couple of statistics:

Here are some compliments for the entire Civ community:

Sorry, too newfriend to have someone specific I’d like to compliment- so I’d like to complement the entire CivMC community for being welcoming!

Too many. I just love everyone, and everytime i log on they make my day better

I love all civ players it’s so cool how they’re like what if we did a thing together and then they do. Too many people to complement!

Shoutout to Chat! Its always wholesome :)

uh not soundtech

Vote Now!

I have the highest of confidence that we’ll be able to get 300 votes next week.

Please note that all information submitted is anonymous. A red star (
) means that this question is required to submit.
What map mod do you use?
Select all that are applicable.
What do you believe should be done with old builds or defunct nations?


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Way Too Busy Cry for Help

Several players coming to the rescue in Pacem to clean up the city of obbybombing (cr: SonicFrost/reffelruz).

I know many of you probably have noticed I’m really busy these days, but once I’m done moving I’ll try to stop playing the metagame and maybe start playing the real game. Or who knows, I might just be exploring my backyard instead.

There’s a lot of people to thank for some of their contributions this week. First off, a huge shoutout to dcruzy for writing this week’s newsletter. Also helping this week in various aspects were BritishWanderer, Gamertime, Xcios, Gjum, peyt1212, Zyra_Bot, CrazyGrape reffelruz, Dark_FFC, Codey, ObtainableSpat, YammyAwesome, DockerImage, and sadchamp.

If you’d like your name on this list and would want to help write for this newsletter (god knows I need help) message me @specificlanguage for more info!

I may take next week off for personal reasons, but I’ve tried to make the newsletter arrive on time, weekly, without breaks for the past couple of months, and it’s been great so far. I don’t want to take a break often, but it might be necessary to be able to keep up with my personal life at the moment. Just so everyone knows!

Really appreciate all of you for sticking around for 101 newsletters!! I hope to see you all very soon! And until then…