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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for July 31, 2023

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Good morning and happy end of July from New England!

To be honest, it’s been a challenging week for me. Not that I had anything to do anyways, but just haven’t been able to muster up any motivation to do any of my non-usual routine things. Maybe it’s the summer heat, but I think I need to see a therapist again.

Besides this, we’re at the end of the July and lots of things happened on the server throughout the summer, and we’re only heating up with more grudges to talk about yay!!

Are we ready for the news?

This week’s featured image is the sprawling skyscape of Altepetl, with its soaring pigeon temple and town square full of shops. Although the country did not see a lot of the fighting from the recent wars, it’s by design, as the entire city is blocked off by a glass wall (as you can kind of see in the back), a vault-like trench, and group security to even get in the city. It only took me a whole year before I finally went back to Yoahtl, but it was entirely worth it!

Featured Article

The Generic War was a major serverwide war on CivMC between Rhode Island and Estalia’s allies in the Elysian Pact. The war started in late July 2022 following continued grievances from CivClassic and Civcraft. Despite efforts to de-escalate tensions between the countries, Rhode Island declared war on Estalian following an incident on one of their citizens. The war was marked by large and disruptive obbybombings in Estalia’s holdings in 0,0, Icenia, an unsuccessful but obtrusive campaign in Pavia. A third front also occurred in Blockchainistan after accusations from Titan Industries of aiding Rhode Island. Rogue raiders associated with Rhode Island roamed the newly-launched server, making the war’s effect felt throughout every nation.

On the morning of September 17, CivMC admins announced they banned numerous accounts associated with Rhode Island, believing their actions to be detrimental to server culture and long-term growth. Shortly after this announcement, a coalition of fighters from all across the server sieged and begun to break the Rhode Island vault, not before minor skirmishes occurred. Blockchainistan soon fell a few days later. With coverage from multiple newspapers such as the Lambat Post and Pavian Tribune, the war has been one of the most reported in Civ history.

This week’s featured image is the obbybombing of Icenia during the Generic War.

The News

The HEGS Corp building in Black Light, Gang Shi.

Unrelated Incidents

Other Stuff

Metagame Highlights

The Great Walls of Anvard, in Pavia, taken by ArtificialDriver and built by VolutionFs.

Some comments I received last week about the BUILD alliance were incredibly confrontational. While I do agree that the writing did have bias, and I encourage input to correct possible mistakes, I still ask for respect and patience when requesting changes or when bringing up questions with possible criticism or clarifications to better understand the situation to get the most accurate information possible.

The Fun Stuff

Owain_X’s new expansions on the Deepslate Islands.


Multimedia Projects


Non-Civ Content

Not that I have a lot this week, but I’m hoping that people are more kind to each other this week. A lot of news this week just felt horrible to read and people just need to be more patient and kind to each other.

Poll of the Week

Last Week’s Results

We had 80 unique responses for last week’s poll.

Our first question was Which of these suggestions would you like CivMC admins to focus on next?

It does seem priorities are quite spread out, of course, I’m happy to see PvP and 1.20 are on the top “most wanted list” as both have been expected to come for a while, but fishing is not one I entirely expected to get up here.

Backpacks are also entirely a cosmetic change but such a minor thing would be a huge impact on the community for builders and traders. One thing I thought would impact people was the slow performance on CivMC this week for performance updates, but it had a pretty minimal impact overall.

Our second question was What was your first Civ server?

I threw this question in as a whim, as it’s always included in surveys, and very unsurprisingly, it’s a big old graph that shows that people have dropped off overtime. Wow!

Ok, regardless, I’m kind of surprised that there are a good amount of people reading this newsletter that have never played a Civ server before. What’s your deal? Why read this piece of junk?!

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Controversial Cry for Help

Live, Laugh, Lambat, an artful rendition of Lambat’s main players by MaybeGravy.

I hope you enjoyed reading this week’s newsletter, and I’m super excited for all the very wholesome comments that have been elicited by everything I wrote today.

Thanks to Gjum, Xcios, and RedDevel for providing some input for information this week.

I’m going to also take a minute before I start plugging stuff, because this week I’ve seen a lot of negativity around pretty much every piece of news around Civ, no matter what corner of Civ you belong to. There’s been a lot of cynicism around Civ lately, and I truly want this community to be one that’s positive and uplifting.

I’m going to be lazy and copy last week’s plugs:

Until next time…