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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for September 19, 2022

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Good morning and welcome to this Monday’s liberation edition of the Newsletter! I know you’re all as happy as I am that the server is completely fine now, and nothing will happen at all.

In all seriousness though, I’ve been reporting information about the war for nearly two months straight; I’ve spent more time just reporting about the war and not about the fun things that happen on the server. I hoped this newsletter would show players and newfriends what Civ is all about, and the last few editions, while reporting on the biggest story, felt more like a factions report from the front lines. Now that it’s over, I really hope we get more organic, wholesome stories from everywhere else. Maybe expect this newsletter to be a little quieter come next week.

Ready for the news?!

This week’s featured picture is of the Atorasu Palace Library in Nara’s capital city of Shiroyama. The palace is already the largest residence in the city, with the library becoming a new extension of the palace itself. Although it hosts no books as of yet, it’s planned for the library to house national and state records. Taken by Tolype_Velleda, and constructed nearby Nara’s waterfront, the library hopes to be a great place for knowledge in the country.

Featured Article

The United Northern Congress’ first iteration (abbreviated UNC) was a strategic multi-national alliance in CivClassic between ten countries, mainly in the northeast quadrant of the map. While initially an economic and military alliance between Bloom and Gabon in late 2018, as more nations joined, the organization morphed into a collective diplomatic and defensive organization with each country electing representatives and also electing a spokesperson.

The Congress’ primary spokesperson, BritishWanderer helped countries navigate the early Infinity War in the quadrant with negotiations in the SPQR Border Crisis with Hallow as well as a diplomatic incident during the Clown Wars in Icenia. However, after an altercation with Corvus and the alliance was rumored to join the war alongside Mir, the alliance quickly dissolved in early July 2019. Nations joined other defensive alliances like the Entente and UDF, while a new iteration of the UNC would be created two years later. (Full article…)

This week’s featured image is an infographic of the UNC’s nations and actions, created by BritishWanderer.

Current Events

This section’s featured image is the aftermath of Icenia’s fourth(?!) obbybombing by Rhode Island on the city, which is clearly unacceptable and just too much.

Wow, I can’t wait to write this one, who knows what will happen this week?

The End of Another War

I’m honestly just glad that the admins knew what Civ stood for; it’s not a PvP server and these people were basically making it a factions server. Hopefully, although this news is extremely war-based this time, new editions of the newsletter will eventually show Civ’s true colors.

Everything Else

The Fun Stuff

This section’s header image is, yeah you’re right it’s just Provence from Lusitania again, they just keep putting out bangers

Cool Builds

Multimedia Projects


Metagame Highlights

Liberating Cry for Help

This section’s featured picture is the many people (but not everyone!) present at the Rhode Island vault break, posing in front of a beacon after the raid was completed! This picture was taken by Metriximor.

Thank you for reading this week’s edition of the newsletter. This week’s edition was supported by Metriximor and all of you!

Now that the war is over and you’re not scared in a bunker, I highly implore you to fill out this featured articles form! I need articles gosh darn it. It’s only like 150 words you need to write (which is the length of a one-day homework assignment!) and it’s really short. Just tell me a little about your nation or your history from a wiki article, it can’t take that long!

Sorry for not getting the recruitment results back, I’ve been quite a busy guy in real life the past couple of weeks and haven’t been able to, there’s no ETA for the results but I’m hoping to get ‘em back soon.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and as always…