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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for September 25, 2023

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Good morning and happy Monday from New England!

Thank you for bearing with me with a week’s delay, not to mention I was sick and in a slightly less good mental state. Irregular gaps might start to happen; ideally, I’ll try to schedule them if there are filler episodes like two weeks ago when pretty much nothing happens.

But damn, did I really get things done, I finished a couple projects that I wanted to do during quarantine (when I was feeling ok!) and I’m hoping to work on another, slightly bigger one that may be tangentially useful for Civ meetups.

Uhhh… what was I saying? Let’s just get to the news already…

This week’s featured image is Auresti Castle in Pavia’s Vetranio. It’s a little surprising to say that we actually haven’t had a featured image of Pavia since July, but here we are, and what a choice one this is — I love the design of the castle along the sea, it has that rustic, European vibe that Pavia does so well. Another great build by them, and looking forward to much more!

Featured Article

The HCF War was the first major war during Civcraft 2.0. The second surge of players of Hardcore Factions players on Civcraft known as the Bloodcrew, the war scaled up after a raiding party of well-known HCF players such as ZeroRussia and Jarl_Heisenberg targeted Carson and Commonwealth in the summer of 2013. In response, a coalition, self-named the World Police after previous iterations on Civcraft 1.0, was formed by citizens of Aurora, Bryn, Carson, and Kappi, among others that would join later. Skirmishes between the groups occurred across the server, especially in unaligned countries.

The war eventually scaled to be one of the first major wars to involve several vaults and breaks, with many players on both sides being pearled, numerous attempts by HCF Players to log in on VPN alts, and deliberate sabotage involving snitches on both sides to lag out players, The World Police also dealt with rumors of supplying the enemy, being revealed at the final vault break in February 2014, with the Commonwealth being griefed as a result. Unlike the end of most wars, however, activity fell following the war as nearly every major city was devastating following mass raiding by the Bloodcrew.

An image of players following the HCF War, courtesy of issue 2 of the Lantern and u/eagles_.

Wait a second, there’s something else? This week we have an op-ed from tybug, who’s talking about the undeniable value of CivWiki and the need for reliable sources. Here’s a peek:

Civ is too small of a community to have many reliable individuals, let alone organizations. Further, Civ’s tight-knit culture means that even if an opinion is prevalently held, there is nothing for CivWiki to cite; the opinion exists only in the cultural miasma of the current moment in time, with no concrete posts or writings to point to as a citation.

I’d like to propose a solution. CivWiki should form a source committee as a blanket stand-in for Wikipedia-style reliable sources.

Read their full article here!

The News

A new render of Venozia’s town hall in Venne.

CivMC Updates

A major update (1.23) was released on CivMC the previous week (September 14) that I didn’t report on. This constitutes the first major update since July 17.

This, among others, included:

See here for the full update log.

In addition, RedDevel is working on other stuff that isn’t part of the major update:

Here’s Two Weeks of CivMC News I Didn’t Write

A newly constructed Market Square in Adria, Griffin.

Although the following three (four?) events seemed related at the time they were reported on, none of them were, and just happened to occur in close proximity. These points may be presented out of order chronologically, but for readability’s sake, it will make sense.

Who’s ready for their head to get super dizzy?

Oh No, It’s Build Night

Nearly all of this is when Elysian Pact was drinking, so you know this was going to go pretty well.

For a more humorous and obviously AI-written version of this, please check out Hakr’s version.


A newly constructed bridge over the frozen river in Baile.

I’m sure your screen readers are going to have a fun time with that header.

While much of this based on Janet’s, Topaz’s and mTfUJi’s accounts, nearly all of the conflict was resolved out of game. Except for one thing, that was never reported by all three parties, only by Oceanstar:

This may have been possibly done by Ferro to stream his location, as Gang Shi and allies have not dropped his Pearl-On-Sight status. Not to mention that this was falsely reported by Oceanstar in their summary (accusing BradoTomato instead). When talking with ShadySauce, it basically just sounds like TheJKH was doing a massive troll.

Cordoba Confusion

A picture of the newly completed Coliseum in SPQR.

Please proceed reading this section with caution when opening links, especially when at work.

For context, Gang Shi and Cordoba fought a war earlier this year, which made them on suspicion, but further grievances like including a sword name.

The response from Reddit was met with support of Gang Shi’s accusations.

If you know the Civ iceberg as well as I do, there are a considerable number of things that make me concerned with this behavior, not to mention that the server has gotten news coverage in the past for things like this.

Are We Done Yet?

Finchley in Pavia. Now only waiting for Finchley Central Tube Station.

The answer is no, those were just the funny features. We actually have to do the headlines that you see on the bottom of the news, or the stuff that the Today show leaves for the local news features.

Around the Metagame Meta

The Fun Stuff

Yoahtl’s new stadium at their new athletic complex in the jungle, built by x1025.


Cool Content


God, after doing all this stuff this week I want to make a Civ iceberg, this is getting ridiculous.

Non-Civ Content

Hold up, what? Why is the baseball picture taking the picture slot? I pre-vet these pictures like, four days before live…

Sports Corner

No sportsbetting please, we’re civilized people.

Content Worth Seeing

Poll of the Week

Last Week Redux

I already talked about the polls last week on the newsletter cancellation post, but for the sake of continuity here’s what two weeks’ ago poll looked like:

The first question was, would you like to see more events on Civ?

This should be a no-brainer, people like events and I like them too. It raises activity, brings press to your country and makes the server feel more alive and lived in.

The second question was, what time works for events?

It should come as no surprise that everyone would prefer their evening-time counterparts, as the US dominates their respective evening section, while the Europeans prefer their evening time, etc. There are few stragglers who would prefer anytime, but I think it’s pretty clear that you need to cater to either one crowd or the other.

This Poll for Next Week

This week, I kind of wanted to look at something a little niche:

Please note that all information submitted is anonymous. A red star (
) means that this question is required to submit.
Would you like less frequent updates with more content, or more frequent updates with less content?

Taking a look at the update we saw this week, I want to see what people prefer and whether they care about updates to continue server hype.

Coronavirussy Cry for Help

ChrisChrispie, JuniorTide, and Orinnari’s return to Icenia.

Thanks for reading this monster of a newsletter — it’s not because I didn’t want to write it last week, but once I recovered it was just late enough that I didn’t have time to start writing all three giant stories.

A huge thanks for everyone who came out and answered my questions including mTfUJi, Topaz, fastestgrass, ImmediateDescent, Gwua, SQOpenSpellbook, TheJKH, ShadySauce, Walkers, and Creepi0n, and BritishWanderer for providing help.

A special unthanks for Gjum for being busy while my computer is having problems >:(

Before you go, have a look at tybug’s op-ed this week about reliable sources on Civ. It’s well written and should help editors make CivWiki better!

Until next time gamers,