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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for October 23, 2023

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Good morning and happy Monday from New England!

As the outside is getting colder and the vibes more spookier, I don’t think I’ve seen the Civ community this busy in October — sure it’s not the usual summer numbers, but what’s here is definitely more than I remember seeing on CivClassic or even last year’s October. Maybe it’s because we’re not in the middle of a major, server-altering war this time?

Well, let’s hope we’re still in the clear for the next few months! Onto the news!

This week’s featured image is once again Adria in Griffin! They were (again) one of the earlier people on the Halloween decoration train and decorated their capital pretty early, making it a spooky halloween for everyone involved! Of course, the country looks spectacular, but they made their decorations deliberate and well made and it fits the country well. If you want to get the thumbnail photo for the Halloween edition on October 30, make sure to take a great screenshot and put it somewhere public!

Featured Article

The City of England, commonly known as England, is a nation founded on CivClassic and built in a medieval style. Named as a joke after a lyric in an infamous rap song, an initial settlement was built in 2017 before the nation became inactive in 2017, and their claims were ceded to SPQR. When some founders of the nation returned in 2019, the founders eventually rebuilt south of their initial area. Although the country were never involved in any alliances, a considerable number of nations gave their support for the country in the Jomsviking-England Incident in 2021, where the Jomsviking Confederation attempted to raise a coup.

The country was mainly known for its large and elaborate builds. Its capital is a large castle surrounded by farms, surrounded by crypts and chambers. It also contains a number of other builds such as Fort Beak, a massive Coliseum-like structure, and its Monastery and Cathedral Ruins, whose bridge goes over a deep canyon with tall arches. Today, the City of England mainly plays in today’s iteration of SPQR on CivMC.

The City of England’s large castle and courtyard in its main capital.

The News

Temporal Moment

Gang Shi fighters in Temporal Isles with PhysicsGamer’s pearl.

This episode comes in two parts because they are somewhat, but mostly unrelated to each other.

Icenia were concerned of a Gang Shi citizen attempting to pearl members of the government, but regret the continued pursuit across international borders. The pearls of both Anvil and Squidhasthebad are currently under negotiations (and were going well, according to Gwua).

This was made more complicated following:

Currently, Gang Shi currently holds all Temporal Empire territory, however, they intend to release the territory to interested parties, such as bordering Temporal Isles and Winterbourne. PhysicsGamer was also issued a mercy ban from the admins of an unknown length.

Happenings Around Civ

A classic middle eastern Muslim port at Al-Qaṣba in Reggio Argeddina. I hope that special character comes out right when publishing.

The Fun Stuff

Blue Cove’s ice hockey arena in Icarus, hosting the Blue Cove Boars in the International Hockey League.


I am going to deliberately not ask for permission for many of these because nobody wants to show their builds in the channel

Art, Memes, and More

I think this is the first week in a while where I don’t have a iinkuu or butter_villager piece to talk about…

Non-Civ Content

Sports Corner

Other Things

Poll of the Week

Last Week’s Answers

Last week, we had three poll questions this week, for a combined 34 responses. I’ve noticed the numbers have been declining for a while, but this is a bit concerning.

First, we had Are you on the CivWiki discord?

The only thing that you should learn is that if you edit, get on CivWiki, but if you don’t still join CivWiki!

Next, we had How would you feel about an announcements channel for the community?

I think this benefits the newsletter more than anything. This was a BritishWanderer suggestion and I believe it would be helpful, but moreso for a newsletter thing rather than an announcements channel sort. Still, it’s worth considering in the future.

Finally, we had What would you like in a CivWiki ticket system?

This is the one I’m most excited about. Over this weekend, I’ve been trying to integrate a tickets both in CivWiki and hopefully we’ll be launching the feature this week along with new moderation applications, because god knows we need that.

I think the first three I thought were going to be the most common since that’s what most of CivWiki is used for, what I’m more surprised about is for the general suggestion box because we usually never get suggestions for the CivWiki directly to our faces, so having a easier method of feedback is going to be so much easier.

This Week’s Sitcom Episode

There’s no theme to the polls this week, but just some random questions out there.

Please note that all information submitted is anonymous. A red star (
) means that this question is required to submit.
Do you like voting in polls?
Do you think you'll play on CivCubed?

Artificial Intelligence Cry for Help

An AI generated bunch of International Hockey Team logos, damn AI has gone extremely far.

Please comment “I love being delusional” if you’ve read this far, it’d be really funny seeing the comments be entirely like this.

A slight update from the CivWiki-admin side of speclang: I’m probably going to commit to doing a little more work editing and other desperately-needed TLC to both distract myself from my current life situation (which I doubt you want to know more about) as well follow up on some promises that I’d like to do before I inevitably leave.

I’m hoping that we’re going to start onboarding some moderators or bureaucrats, or possibly even a new newsletter editor, by the end of the year, so that’s really exciting. Expect to see some additions to the discord (at the very least) this coming week.

A big thanks to BritishWanderer, ArtificialDriver, Gwua, and Shadno for providing supplemental information this week.

If you’d like to write some information for the newsletter in the future, PLEASE REACH OUT!!

  • I’m desperately running out of featured articles to write about, and featured articles are open for anything that’s happened on or before the end of 2022.
  • If you’ve been itching to write about your nation (or some event) on CivWiki or the newsletter, I highly suggest to contact me at @specificlanguage.
  • Even if you don’t have a topic but still want to write, I’m sure to find a good topic for you to write given enough time!

Thanks for reading all of the above, and until next time…