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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for October 30, 2023

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Good morning and happy Monday from New England! A spooky halloween edition of the newsletter is coming your way very soon, and there’s no doubt about it this time. There’s not much to say this time besides I hope the halloween event was enjoyable. I hope you’re going to take your spooky affairs safely this coming Tuesday.

Are we ready for the news?

This week’s featured image is a sunset falling upon Halloweentown in New Jersey. If you remember, they held a halloween event last year, and they’ve definitely topped themselves this year, with a giant pumpkin tree somewhat reminiscent of Jack Skellington. With the fall colors sprouting out everywhere, it’s bound to be a great halloween for them! Looking forward to next years!

Featured Article

This week’s featured article received help from prawny331.

Inferno was a nation in the Cerberus shard of the short-lived server Devoted Hell. Formed by prawny331 along with colleagues from CivRealms and Otonabee, the nation was modeled after the nine circles of hell from the first part of Dante’s Divine Comedy. After the early days of server hiccups, raids and issues with the subscription model, Inferno became one of the fastest growing countries on the server building up a city relatively quickly along a large lava lake. The country began construction of their giant rings of hell during February 2021, making use of popular movie nights to speed up mining.

The city that they first built, Izalith, was the third-place winner of the server’s build contest, and hosted the first XP shops on the server, along with the Church of Cola, honoring the admin’s logbox in the territory, and engaged in international diplomacy by joining the newFRIENDS alliance with Mercer and Alexandria, along with being a major stop on the 2048 superhighway that ran across all shards. Despite massive planning, player numbers dwindled and Inferno became the last active nation on the server prior to March 2021. Today, most players currently play in CivMC’s Nara, Icenia, or other associated countries. (Full article…)

This week’s featured image is Inferno’s capital Izalith, which ended up third in the advertisement competition for the server.

Editor’s note: it just goes to show that the only relevant featured article content I can throw at the newsletter for Halloween is stuff from Devoted Hell, lol

The News

Server Updates

Danzilona’s decorations for Halloween. I would’ve put their GIF here, but I couldn’t find a way to make it accessible for mobile users without an aneurysm.

There was a server update on October 27, the last update was on September 14. Intended as a Quality of Life update, few mechanics were changed with the exception of the Halloween event. Some notable changes were:

Furthermore, the update came with a halloween update:

Happenings Around Civ

A spooky night in Venne.

Metagame Highlights

The Fun Stuff

Estalia’s mall in Suramir, decorated with a large pumpkin overlooking the lobby.


There were a lot of fantastic Halloween builds that it was difficult to figure out what would get slotted for the featured pictures this week. Even if your picture didn’t get highlighted, builds here are of the highest quality and you should be proud!

Art, Memes, and More

Art and More

Memes and More

Non-Civ Content

Sports Corner

No Sports Corner

Poll of the Week

Last Week’s Madness

Last week, there were 45 responses to two questions that pretty much had nothing to do with each other. The first question was very self-reassuring about “Do you like the polls?”

I’m glad people are generally pleased about the polls because I was very much hoping for this addition for a while now — I am trying to think of topics that bring better questions, but sometimes it’s hard to think of questions. Please suggest topics we can run polls on!

The second question this week was more for a certain someone: “Are you going to be playing CivCubed?”

For those unaware, CivCubed is a new Civ server that will be run by Janet Blackquill. It’s been a little under the radar if you’re not in the know.

I think the general impression I’ve gotten from CivCubed is that it’s doing a lot of good quality of life stuff that improves the genre (not to mention a complete plugin rewrite lol), but it doesn’t provide enough compelling gameplay elements, advertising or something that doesn’t quite make it compelling to everyone.

I’m hoping that CivCubed will finally fill the shoes that Devoted, CivRealms or Bergecraft did, where it’s a more experimental version of Civ that won’t be afraid to be bleeding edge or make crazy changes to the Civ formula that will eventually weasel its way into mainline servers within the next couple of years.

This Week’s Monster Mash

I hope these questions are slightly relevant?

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Are you dressing up for Halloween?
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Somehow More Spookiest Cry for Help

Pavia and Griffin players helping take down the phantoms in the Pavian gardens.

Thanks for reading this week’s newsletter!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this halloween edition, and a huge thanks to everyone who submitted pictures in my very slow response in the builds channel. Thanks also to Plrog and X_an for providing a small amount of information for consultation this week.

I’ve been also working on CivWiki a little bit more this past week, and hopefully you’ll see some more activity soon, as I’m hoping to put stuff in place to encourage more editing (there’s a lot of cleanup to do).

There’s not much else to say but happy halloween, and of course…