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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for November 14, 2022

• specificlanguage

Good morning and happy Monday from New England!

Not a long newsletter this week, I can imagine everyone who plays Civ as a side gig is a bit preoccupied with real life, me included. So you don’t get a long newsletter this week especially since there’s like, five news this week total.

This week’s featured image is from Liguria, in Lusitania. Another town adding to the country’s long resumé of building fancy buildings, this town feels reminescent of the colorful Cinque Terre villages on the Italian coast (which is literally in Liguria in Italy). While it’s still expanding, it’s a great place that faithfully recreates its source material and does it spectacularly, can’t wait to see more!

Featured Article

Vaults are extreme fortified defensive structures on Civ, designed to hold and protect prison or exile pearls. Since its debut in its primitive form on Civcraft 1.0, vaults have seen numerous upgrades, both in size as well as design due to new mechanics such as Snitches and Bastions. Vaults have played a large role in multinational server wars, including the Titan, Somber, Infinity and most recently Generic Wars; to prevent vaults and multinational wars from absorbing server politics, admins have taken various measures to prevent vaults on the borders of the server’s map and various other tactics to change the “vault meta”.

Vaults can generally be known with a deep obsidian hole down to bedrock, with various trenches acting as “rings” preventing attackers from reaching the center. At the center, a ground bunker containing a pyramid which hold the pearls. Additionally, a skybunker at skylimit allows attackers to defend above. So-called “vault scientists” attempt to optimize these components to make the best defensive vault possible. Many attempts to “break” vaults have been done using skybridge attacks, such as the one at Tinian, which take a considerable amount of time and attacking prowess to be able to successfully defeat defenders.

This week’s featured article picture is a render of the broken Holy Jaded Empire vault after the Infinity War.

Things That Happened This Week

Katipan Village in Lambat, taken by AK. The region is undergoing a massive revamp in anticipation of the upcoming arrival of the Great Overland Railway in Katipan station.

I’ve quite literally had trouble finding news this week, so both sections are going to be combined as one for this week, and moreso even next week. Also, I kind of have to phone it in this week since I’ve got a lot of work on my plate this weekend so I can’t quite give everyone a full report as required.


Builds & Multimedia



Really Short Cry for Help

Sorry to steal this but, this is tweetabix’s hand-drawn sketch of Norlund’s community during CivRealms. Honestly, this is the best I’ve got for a “community picture” this week.

See, this is what you get when activity actually blows and there’s nothing happening on the server, and nobody else gives me news. Hope you learned your lesson for next week!

Speaking of next week, if you want to see your featured article for next week, fill out this form, and I’ll take a look at it and contact you if it’s being considered for next week.

Additionally, for all you aspiring essayists, I’m hoping to start a small op-ed column in preparation for a series of essays I’m hoping to do at the end of the year as sort of a wrap up of what we learned this year. DM me at @specificlanguage#2891 if you’re interested in writing literally opinions for the server or the genre.

But in the meantime,