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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for December 12, 2022

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Good morning and happy holidays from New England!

There is finally snow on the ground here and likewise the trees are coming up all around the server. Good to see the holiday spirit for everyone!

It’s another bright and early Monday with yet another drama filled week so hopefully everything is smooth sailing from out here. I hope everyone’s doing great!

Ready for the news?

This week’s featured image is of Butternut’s Christmas Tree in Blood Village. I did stumble onto them by accident after crossing the sea, but one of its main settlements is a nice refuge and village on the sea. I always find it impressive when a country pulls off a certain aura that isn’t “city” and the relaxing, cozy vibes that the country brings is something that I commend them! Hope to see more from the country!

Featured Article

Lazuli was a country on Civcraft 1.0, known mainly for its trade and government. The country was named after a Lapis Lazuli vein was found under the city. Founded after the fall of nearby Rift, the country experienced a rapid suburban sprawl in its early founding months. Its proximity to other popular nations like Rift and Atlantis granted its early growth. After governmental reform, the country invested heavily in security infrastructure and urban development, creating one of the first instances of a widespread snitch network and creating the Lapis Arena, hosting several international tournaments. While mostly peaceful, Lazuli still was involved in drama as part of the PumpkinJacks raid.

Eventually, the country went into downfall, coincidentally on the same week as Columbia, the other most populous city on the server thus far. Blame was mainly placed on extreme difficulty for travelling via Nether into the country, as well as beautification of the country’s city being a talking point for many citizens. Many of the country’s main residents, such as Ttocs_is_Awe, NateMagic and SomethingSaucy were pivotal in the founding of today’s Maester Alliance.

Lazuli as seen on CivLegacy at the current moment, unchanged since its appearance at the end of 1.0.

Current Events

The town square in Vallstena in Gotland, Imperial Federation, built by Spoonce.

Sea of Sneed Antics

Several ""things"" happened this week, although most of it is probably not worth mentioning, and I was there so if I’m not talking about it there is a problem. So besides the funny standoffs, and trolling done by Gang Shi and Temporal, let’s just move onto the good stuff:

There is probably more detail in an upcoming post from Icenia. coming probably shortly after this post. Ironically, I’m writing this at the same time he is writing his.

Speedy Coup Fallout

Thanks to both Topaz and Yodabird for providing perspectives on this.

The other big story this week was the fallout of the SpeedyJustice coup, which by the way, has nothing to do with SpeedyJustice at all anymore, but rather the international relations between Dalgon and Gensokyo. Is that what he intended to do all along?

Negotiations did occur, however they’ve stalled when meat and Topaz came at a standstill (and given from what CivMC #general looks like, a shouting match) over what reasonable reparations.

At the moment, talks have ended with no resolution on what are appropriate reparations for the country. One of Gensokyo’s last offers for reparations was 3 sets of prot.

Keep in mind that meat, despite being a prominent player in Dalgon, acted on his own accord — whether that becomes an issue is a problem for the 1890s, but also keep in mind that these reparations are generally unprecedented for a reading out of a surrender for an hour and tier 6 PvPers getting squashed.

God this is so stupid.

A courtyard in Pavia City, very close to the port, newly build as part of their build weekend. Also pictured is Thraldrek.

Around the Server

Diverse Northwest

Lyrean Community & Northeast

Alenarith & Southeast

Imperial Federation & Southwest

Server Administration News

The Fun Stuff

Pavia’s Christmas Tree in the Town Hall’s courtyard. Built by paagf and ArtificialDriver, taken by Gobblin.


Ok, so here’s the other builds this week I didn’t mention yet:

Multimedia Projects

Too Many Newspapers

Ok, now expect a harsh criticism of all of the other newspapers that came out this week:

Other Stuff


So it turns out that people beat me to make CivMC slander, or rather, I didn’t have enough time to make the slander before someone else did.


Metagame Highlights

Getting Chillier Cry for Help

Thanks to everyone for taking a look at this week’s newsletter, couldn’t have been done with Topaz4293, Yodabird19, Gjum, Lagiacrus, Xcios, and everyone on the newsletter staff. Also special shoutout to everyone who made memes of me this week.

If you’d like to get in the newsletter and also not cause an international incident, submit a featured article! It’s easy and less convoluted than making drama, and all you need is a funny CivWiki article you can write about. It’s literally the same length as a writing assignment, just click Random page and just crank out 100 words. It’s funny!

Thanks for all the support the past week, whether memes or otherwise, it feels great knowing that this newsletter is getting read by tens of people on the server who look at Reddit! (All seriousness, thank you. Means a lot that people use this to catch up everyone on the server.)